1. LowBudgetT1N

    Luno Air Mattress

    Does anyone on here use the front cab luno air mattress in their t1n? I'm curious how well it fits. Their website starts at model year 2006 for the sprinter. Not sure of the cab shape/height differences between the t1n vs newer models at seat level.
  2. Eagle5

    VS30: 2019+ SOLD - Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed - Black Hex Top / Black Anodized. Tacoma, WA

    Location - Tacoma, WA Contact Info - PM. I will meet you locally in Tacoma. Cash or Venmo accepted. Price - $2,800 - Firm. Brand new Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed with the black hex top and black anodized aluminum. Sells for $3,350 new, plus estimated $200 shipping (and maybe sales tax) and...

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