1. M

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2015 Sprinter 170 Crew conversion Price Drop

    2015 Sprinter 170 crew Fully spray foamed with factory headliner. BFG TKO tires , Sumo springs front and rear . roof A/C ,leather driver and passenger seats with full swivel .Fiamma F 65 Polar white awning. Rear super fan,dish satellite dome. 160 watt Renogy solar panel 30 amp solar controller...
  2. PNW_Sprinter

    PNW Overland Build

    Hey everyone - Excited to have joined the Sprinter family last weekend when I picked up a 2019 144" 4x4 Passenger which was actually for sale on the forum. Planning to convert into a camper van for an extended trip this winter and more weekend use in the future. Anyone with previous experience...
  3. Briance

    Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires with Rims-Near Fresno California

    Winter is Coming! (It took a while in the show too) I recently purchased my first van and got these as part of the negotiated deal. I won’t use these much as I live in Central California. LT245/75/R16 I would rather trade these for something I would use for my build. I would also sell...
  4. C

    Custom shower pan - materials?

    The wife wants a shower - and we've come up with a diy conversion layout we like a lot - however, it requires a custom shower pan in an unusual shape. I tried some searches here, and I've read of plenty of diy shower pans - but this will be for a 4x4 sprinter and I'm not sure what has a better...
  5. RVCuisineScene

    RinseKit shower?

    Has anyone used or installed a RinseKit hot water shower system?
  6. S

    Need Feedback On Simple Water System Diagram

    Hey ya'll, I am about to embark on actually connecting pipes for my water system and since you guys have been so knowledgable in the past I thought I'd run my water system diagram by you. * In general I'm planning to use 1/2" PEX piping with sharkbite connectors. * The only things that arent...
  7. S

    Shower hose quick-disconnect component?

    Hey guys, I'm about to start my 2nd conversion, and am having a tough time finding a component I've been seeing on a lot of build photos lately. I'm posting as a last-resort after failing to find the answer in the forums. Here are four examples of what I'm looking for...
  8. J

    World's Most Advanced Portable, Hot Shower

    Hey Gang, Living in the back of a Troopy in Australia for a year taught me a lot. I tackled a problem that all of us adventurers share - lack of hot shower. Patented world-wide 1 gallon lasts over 7 minutes! Great to wash your body and you gear. Check us out. Here's a video of how it works...
  9. R

    Shower skylight condensation, water goes where?

    Humidity forms on the skylight in the shower, does the water drip/pool between the skylight and white plastic collar?
  10. R

    ON demand propane hot water heaters

    Hello. I have a 2013 Sprinter. I'm looking to add an On Demand Hot water heater and want to mount it in the back area, so we can use it as a shower out the backdoor. I already have propane as well as a water reservoir and pump system that I installed last year. Any recommendations on units and...
  11. A

    2016 shower recall

    Just fetched my mail tonight to find a lumpy envelope from LTV. Tear it open and a screw falls out, along with 3 sheets of folded paper. Apparently, on 2016 CB and FX: Included in the envelope is a cheap chromed plastic ring with a mounting flange, and a couple of screws. See attached photo...
  12. Custommm

    Constant Shower Temperature and more...?

    Came across this type of shower faucet that promise constant water temperature and no waste during lathering!... Sounds to good to be true :rolleyes: before committing ($$) , i wonder 1- anyone had any experience with those? 2- Do you guys think it will be a doable plumbing job in my 2014 MB ...
  13. F

    Twin Beds Closet(s)

    We are planning to buy the TB model within the next year. Looking at the photos we have some questions about the closets 2014. What is the inside width of the closets? Also wonder how folks are getting along in the shower (22x27"). Sink in lavatory - is it big enough to wash your face? How...
  14. DRichter4764

    Unity MB Shower Door

    We love the size of the shower in the MB model. When we test drove the unit, the only noticeable/annoying rattle was that caused by the shower door. Even with the clasp that holds the doors together, there is noise with the doors as you head down the highway. Our dealer said he knew of someone...
  15. S

    Need help with shower install

    Hello guys and gals. I recently picked up a Sprinter that had already been converted. The bathroom has a toilet and what appears to be a shower drain, and I can tell whoever did the conversion started to seal the walls for a shower, but it was never installed. I thought to myself "hey, that...
  16. R

    next tweak: jump seat in the agile doorway

    hello, folks - I'm about to start a new project and wondered if others have trodden this path before me. I'm finding the conversation space a little long between the 2 front seats and the bench back seat in the agile, especially at highway speeds with the accompanying engine and road noise...

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