1. P

    Service Schedule

    Hey guys I have a 2019 Sprinter RWD 3.0 my owners manual does not have a maintenance schedule. I want to know when I’m suppose to change tranny fluid, rear diff, etc. can anyone help me out with a schedule? thanks
  2. van_bae


    Hi there! I am VAN BAE also known as Alix and it is a pleasure to meet you all ;) I have been selling Mercedes-Benz Vans for almost 9 years in the Northeast, but not only do I sell vans, but I am an enthusiast who eat, sleeps, dreams, breathes VANS. I have a HUGE clientele, some of you may know...
  3. V

    Brakes/pads recommendations

    Hello , I'm fairly new here, looking forward to learning .I have a 2017 144 2wd ,I bought it new and did a combo build ; Campo (Santa Barbara) van outfitter with some RB components completely done. I have had free maintenance up until 40k with the warranty . I was wondering your...
  4. K

    Seattle German Auto Center

    I had a great experience with this shop while travelling through Seattle. Seattle German Auto Center 3201 NE 145TH ST, SEATTLE, WA 98155 206-361-2222 They diagnosed a harmonic balancer problem, they had to hustle to find the part & they put it in quickly. Walked me through the damaged...
  5. M

    08’ turbo replacement

    My 08’ NCV3 2500 needs a new turbo, according to my mechanic. The symptoms: loss of power, and a rattling/clicking noise coming from the engine bay/turbo area. Said to be an actuator or wastegate solenoid of some sort. My mechanic suggests replacing the entire turbo, which is fine but, they say...
  6. qcsi

    service manual pdf

    Does anyone have any experience with this website? They are offering a MB Sprinter service manual in pdf for sale. It looks like it would be well worth the price if it is legitimate.
  7. B

    Reputable/Affordable Sprinter Mechanic

    Hi All, 2002 158" HT Freightliner Sprinter 3500 110,000 miles I registered for this site a while back but for some reason never used it. Stupid Me. I will be on the road come April '19. I bought my Sprinter Aug '17. I have kept up with basic maintenance duties but its time to go deep. I have...
  8. Delta

    DeltaVS Intro: Sprinter upfitters, product developers and Interior Kit Installers

    Hello All! I was excited to see this forum alive and well. I would like to introduce my company since we are also Sprinter people. We are Delta Vehicle Systems, based in the Rocky Mountains and have been developing race vehicles as a team for a while and are now creating our own product line...
  9. O

    Fields Motorcars Mercedes-Benz, Lakeland FL (Dealership)

    4141 N Florida Ave., Lakeland, Florida 33809 4141 N Florida Ave., Lakeland, Florida 33809 Ron Bigler - Sprinter Manager Phone: 863-280-5276 Email: Sprinter Dealer Rater: Google and Yelp Reviews...
  10. J

    Is my transmission pump damaged?

    Hello all I have a question for those in the know. Is there something wrong with my transmission pump? Specifically, the bellhousing sealing surface? Here's what my transmission pump looks like: gears, body, bellhousing, and bushing. Picture gallery -> With the engine...
  11. C

    Service Sticker Shock

    Took my 2015 Sprinter in for transmission service only. I do engine oil change, fuel filter change and other maintenance. I have an extended warranty with Mercedes out to 125k miles. I use my truck for my air conditioning service company. 38K on odo. Transmission Service I want done by...
  12. G

    How to learn to service my vehicle

    Hey everyone! I dont own a Sprinter yet, however i plan on buying one in about a year. Ill have it as a normal, drive-around vehicle for a couple years, then ill convert it into a camper van and drive it around for a year. I hear a lot about Sprinters having a lot of issues (seems like 1 in 2...
  13. D

    Service in San Jose area?

    Can anyone recommend good service place in the San Jose area? Thanks.
  14. T

    Pre-Baja Mexico Road Trip Service Suggestions

    (Someone moved my thread to the "Adventure" forum, I'd like it to stay here for more views please). I've got a 2007 Sprinter 2500, 3.0L van with 124K miles converted to a camper. I''ll be leaving in early Feb for a 4 week road trip to Mexico Baja. I'm looking for recommendations for preventive...
  15. T

    Pre-Baja Mexico Road Trip Service Suggestions

    I've got a 2007 Sprinter 2500, 3.0L van with 124K miles converted to a camper. I''ll be leaving in early Feb for a 4 week road trip to Mexico Baja. I'm looking for recommendations for preventive service before leaving to minimize the chances of problems arising in Mexico with the unknown...
  16. P

    Service in/around Kansas City

    Have a few minor issues with a 2006 Sprinter. Power steering leak, A/C cooling intermittently, nothing major. Would like to stay away from the expensive warranty service centers.....any ideas on a local Sprinter guru in the KC area? HELP.....
  17. N

    Know of a mechanic or dealer (service) Bloomington, IN?

    Need to get road ready and have CEL on…Im in Bloomington, IN? :bow:
  18. N

    Anyone got a service or dealer they like in Bloominton, IN?

    :idunno:has CEL on want it checked out also made road ready for travel:idunno:
  19. L

    Need advice ASAP - should I buy 2002 FL sprinter (cargo)?

    I'm new to the Sprinter world so any help you can give right away would be greatly appreciated. I just went and looked at a 2002 freightliner sprinter today. Yes, I'd love a new one, but simply don't have the money. My past vehicles have been a ford e250 cargo van and a GMC 3500 box truck...
  20. D

    Diagnostic Manuals?! Same as Service Manual or Not?

    Hello all, I have a buddy here in Guyana and his Sprinter 2005 T1N is giving him serious grief (I'll post on that later and hope like hell someone can help us out there too) :bow: However, first we have a running dispute about the existence of a "Diagnostic" or "Professional Workshop" manual...

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