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    Broke down in Redding California... Need help

    Broke down in redding California and cannot seem to find anyone who will work on my 2005 t1n 158. Ive got a oil leak from the front seal... Amonf other things and have no idea whats going on. Started the van in the morning, let it warmed up looked around and under the van to ensure no leaks or...
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    Unity Service

    My wife and I are planning on becoming full timers this summer. Our plan is to stay out there 4 or 5 years and travel throughout the States and Canada. We've been researching the life style and rigs for 3 years. We've decided the Unity TB or IB is a good fit for size, quality and how we see our...
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    Sprinter Service in KY 2003 Head Gasket?

    Looking for someone to get my new to me sprinter road worthy. I have oil in the coolant reservoir. No foamy white residue on dip stick. So, head gasket?
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    Sliding door lubrication

    Do you lubricate your sliding door? If so, what product do you use?
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    Dodge Sprinter service in southern Oregon?

    We've recently purchased a 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 that was converted by Pleasureway. We're looking for a shop in the Rogue Valley with Sprinter experience to do routine vehicle maintenace: oil change, brake flush, fuel filter change, etc. Anyone have any recommendations?? I've tried to...
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    Warranty about to expire, what should I have checked out

    I have a 2014 Crew Van with the 4 cylinder engine. My 3/36 warranty is about to expire and I am taking it to the dealer next Friday for some minor warranty work. While in the shop for the last time under warranty what should I have the service tech check out and/or update. Are there any...
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    Pre-Baja Mexico Road Trip Service Suggestions

    (Someone moved my thread to the "Adventure" forum, I'd like it to stay here for more views please). I've got a 2007 Sprinter 2500, 3.0L van with 124K miles converted to a camper. I''ll be leaving in early Feb for a 4 week road trip to Mexico Baja. I'm looking for recommendations for preventive...

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