1. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Custom Leather Seats

    4 seat rear bench (2 benches with 2 seats each) and luggage bar $1300 obo Fit across the back row in 2013 sprinter. I have one of the 2 seat benches with headrests and armrest left. The base is offset for the wheel well. $800 Seats located in North Idaho. All seats include seatbelts. PM if...
  2. D

    NCV3: 2006-2018 WTB Stock drivers seat

    My van came with "upgraded" front seats, which I strongly dislike. My previous van had stock seats in them and I found them quite comfortable. Does anyone in the southeastern US have stock seats taking up space in their garage? I'd take both drivers and passenger if possible but really need...
  3. J

    NCV3: 2006-2018 For sale by owner Longview WA. Sprinter van seats.

    2012 sprinter seats. Two three seaters and one four seater. Call or text 3606353623.
  4. M

    VS30: 2019+ 2019 Sprinter Passenger Seat Set 10, Mint, Black Leatherette

    Have 3 row (1 4 seat, 2 3 seat rows) 10 person set of Sprinter Seats in perfect, barley used condition. Black Leatherette. Located in Memphis, TN, open to offers.
  5. bmaraglia

    VS30: 2019+ 3-person bench passenger seat - 2020

    Just purchased a new 2020 Sprinter Crew 144 4wd here in Southern California. Building out a weekender and have removed the 3-person bench passenger seat. The kit comes with everything needed to install. More pictures available upon request. - 3-person passenger bench seat (these also recline...
  6. D

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Sprinter seats

    I have a three seater up for sale ($300) from a 2017 2500 Mercedes Sprinter. I also have a 4 seater not pictured ($400). Mounting brackets included
  7. C

    NCV3: 2006-2018 3 Person Leatherette Bench Seat SF Bay Area $250

    Factory 3 person leatherette bench. In great condition, seats only, no mounting hardware included
  8. Briance

    Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires with Rims-Near Fresno California

    Winter is Coming! (It took a while in the show too) I recently purchased my first van and got these as part of the negotiated deal. I won’t use these much as I live in Central California. LT245/75/R16 I would rather trade these for something I would use for my build. I would also sell...
  9. B

    Electrical questions - Seats/Dash

    I have a 07 sprinter with the Luton box on the back that is currently getting converted into a camper. My partner decided she wants an electric single passenger seat as a replacement on the front as there will be a cut through to the rear of the vehicle. Tne vehicle did not come with power...
  10. W

    Bolts/Info for installing armrests.

    I bought some aftermarket armrests for my 2003 3500. Could anyone tell me what bolts are used to secure the armrests to the seat? I have opened the cover and see the predrilled holes that are applicable. I don't have a bolt in my home collection that fits. Seems bigger than an 8mm but don't...
  11. M

    Rear bench seats

    Hi, I'm a new convert into the Sprinter world. Just bought 2019 Sprinter Crew 4x4 144'' wheel base, high roof. It came with 3-person rear bench seat, which I like. However, for my conversion it takes too much space and obstructs the entrance to the back of the van from the cockpit. Ideally, I...
  12. I

    Seat Base / Mount bracket

    Has anyone used Metris Seat Bases for their second row in a conversion? I'm having a hard time figuring out what the part # is for the brackets that hold down the front of the seat below. The back of the seat base has a built in mount like the Sprinter, but on the front their are...
  13. I

    Seat Mount bracket part search

    Hey friends, I'm happily working away on my Sprinter build, finished a full paint job and gutting and refurbing the interior. I have 2 seats with what I believe are Metris Seat Bases. I'm having a hard time figuring out what the part # is for the brackets that hold down the front of the seat...
  14. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2016 144" Sprinter Row Seats

    Selling 3 rows of MB Sprinter Seats. Two 3 person rows and 1 4 person row.
  15. I

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Black 3rd Row 3-Passenger Seat

    Black 3rd Row 3-Passenger Seat $500 This seat was taken from a 2012 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van, fits multiple years. Black leatherette 3-passenger 3rd row rear bench seat. The material of the seat is in like-new excellent condition. Coming out for a van build out. Needs a good home. We live in...
  16. D


    hey thee folks! i am David and i live in Italy. I am preparing my self collecting information befor starting my Crafter 2008 conversion into a campervan , i love DIY and i wanna do the most by my self. i have 6 seat, 3 front and 3 rear . i wanna know what do YOU think about the main question...
  17. T

    T1N front passenger seat excellent condition - PHX

    Recently tried to purchase a new passenger seat off of Ebay for my 2005 Sprinter (wanted one with a slider so that swivel could turn a full 180deg). Seat that was sent was a non slider, seller issued a full refund but now I am stuck with an extra passenger seat. Anyone in the Pheonix area or...
  18. D

    Seat back adjustment gear replacement

    My passenger seat back adjustment gear is partially stripped so it doesn't stay upright well if there isn't someone sitting in it. It eventually slips and the seat back falls down on top of the seat, my dog was not amused when this happened to him while he was sitting in the passenger seat. Is...
  19. P

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Sprinter Bench Seats For Sale - LV, NV area

    I have both 3 and 4 seater available $500 each out of my 2018 Passenger. Used for about 2 months until build out started. I am located in Las Vegas NV.
  20. Z

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2008 Sprinter Seats

    I have three seater bench seat four seater bench seat taken out of a 2008 Passenger Sprinter 2500 Seats are in great condition. Any donation is welcome. Come get these seats. Santa Barbara Ca.

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