1. M

    2019 Sprinter Seats on a NCV3 Sprinter?

    Hello, I'm about to purchase a set of front seats (Driver and Passenger) from a 2019 Sprinter and put on my 2007 Dodge Sprinter. Does anyone happen to know if they will fit the NCV3 Sprinter seat base? I'm not worried about getting the airbags to work Don't mind a little modification, but...
  2. T

    T1N: 1994-2006 2 seater - SF

    Hi! I have a 3 seater that was converted to a two seater. It has one long bracket and one sort one. It fabric is in good condition. It doesn’t have the plastic back. asking $200 located in SF
  3. slem

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Seat, air ride, reclines, heated, So California

    I purchased the high end seat new from a Canadian seat truck manufacture hoping it would be a comfort for my handicap wife. I built a base plate, included, for mount which replaced the OEM passenger seat box. The original base, included, can easily adapt to any flat floor. As some things turn...
  4. P

    Lost Seat Belt part

    Somehow I lost the metal “shoe” clip that goes inside the seat belt adjuster on my sprinter. (Picture attached). Anyone know the part number or how to order a replacement? Picture of part:
  5. bcman

    NCV3: 2006-2018 (VS30, NCV3, T1N, etc) Toyota Sienna Recliner w/ Expo Vans Seat Base (Orange Co, CA)

    In 2017 I bought a pair to use in my camper conversion, but only used one. This is the one with dual armrests, integrated shoulder belt, and fold-out leg rest, in light gra leather. I'll also include a custom seat base made for the Sienna seats by Expo Vans in Portland, OR. This will allow you...
  6. I

    NCV3: 2006-2018 L-track Embedded 144 Floors -California

    FLOOR ONLY (accessories purchased separately) The Travois Pro Floor is a form-fitting, one-piece, insulated floor embedded with L-track. The L-track allows you to add modular accessories, such as Travois RNR seat/beds and single seats that are variable location on demand and easy in/out...
  7. I

    Travois Rock and Roll Seat Bed and L-track floor system now available in the US

    Our best seat bed system has it all: 6'8" bed, full suite of safety features, variable location on demand, insulated form-fitted L-track floor, accepts modular accessories and crash tested to all known North American and European standards. Available in the US now.
  8. D

    Seat back adjustment gear replacement

    My passenger seat back adjustment gear is partially stripped so it doesn't stay upright well if there isn't someone sitting in it. It eventually slips and the seat back falls down on top of the seat, my dog was not amused when this happened to him while he was sitting in the passenger seat. Is...
  9. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 passenger 3-seater bench Long Island, New York

    FOR SALE !!! Three seater bench in passenger first row narrow. Seat arm rests on left and right side. $1900 OBO. Can make your cargo van a legal passenger van and lower insurance costs! Perfect condition. I am converting my van into an RV so I don't need them. Recently removed from...
  10. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 3 Passenger Bench Seat w/Mounting Hardware

    I removed the bench seat from my client's crew van after it rolled off the truck from the dealer, so it is basically brand new, albeit dusty from living in my shop for a few months. Black Leatherette upholstery $800 obo My shop is in Reno but I travel frequently to SF so delivery there could...
  11. M

    T1N: 1994-2006 3-Person Bench Seat for Sale (Baltimore, MD)

    Selling the 3-person bench seat that came with my passenger van. Converting van to a camper and have no need for the bench. Cloth is in good condition, no rips or stains. Under-seat cup holder included and works. Seat belts buckle. Not sure what else there is, feel free to ask any questions...
  12. P

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Rear Seat Mount Covers

    A bit of a shot in the dark but I’m looking for the rear seat mount covers. They are those little plastic covers that clip into the floor mount from the front of the seat to the front of the floor mount. Fills that empty space that my kids drop food crumbs into. Thanks!
  13. A

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Sprinter van bench seat- 3 passenger

    I have one- 3 passenger seat for sale in great shape. Asking $500 for the seat. May also consider trades. Located in SW Colorado, but I'm driving to Vegas Jan 24th and can deliver along the route.
  14. L

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Mercedes sprinter 170 3 person bench seat; Portland, OR

    Bench seat that sits 3 people for sale, excellent condition. Comes with floor mounts and all hardware. Asking $350, can be delivered within 40 miles for an extra fee
  15. O

    Swivel Seat Alternative, DIY about $10

    I was thinking of getting swivel seats for my van but discovered a cheaper and better solution.:clapping: Originally I was using my boombox as complimentary stereo as my OEM MB head unit had no audio in plugs. I made a shelf for it from plywood and two angle brackets. I attached it to the back...
  16. D

    Passenger van single seat in rear options?

    Hi Friends, I have a 118 passenger that I am in the process of converting. I'd like to be able to add/remove a single passenger seat in the rear (2nd row), ideally using the two floor brackets closest to the sliding door. I currently have a 2 seat bench, but it only mounts behind the driver...
  17. G

    factory bench seats from 2011

    Selling 3 person bench seat, fabric. In great shape. $375 Or best offer. Living in Houston, but willing to meet in other parts of TX if needed. I have 2 bench seats, $375 each
  18. J

    4 Person Bench Seat - NE PA (Allentown area) - Asking $600/OBO

    I'm converting my van into a mobile home and I don't need the seat that came with it. It's a 4 person cloth NCV3 bench seat including the brackets that it inserts into. The plastic on the back of it is scuffed and cracked but besides that it's in great shape (I dropped it taking it out of the...
  19. A

    2016 OEM passenger side seat base - Portland

    I'm selling a standard (high) height passenger side seat base from a 2016 Sprinter 2500 4x4. It is pebble grey (grey-tan). I put a low base in to accommodate a swivel. $75. I'm in the Portland Oregon area or can ship.
  20. D

    Lumbar bladder not holding air

    Hello forum! We are out on a road trip and I noticed that the lumbar bladder is not holding air on the drivers seat. Any suggested fixes? Thanks!

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