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  1. drodio

    VS30: 2019+ SOLD - 3x Seat rails, trim & bolts from 2020 crew - $200

    Rails from a new 2020 VS30 Crew Sprinter for sale. Pick up from San Mateo, CA for $200 or you can pay shipping Best to text me at 202.250.3846 /
  2. T

    T1N: 1994-2006 2 seater - SF

    Hi! I have a 3 seater that was converted to a two seater. It has one long bracket and one sort one. It fabric is in good condition. It doesn’t have the plastic back. asking $200 located in SF
  3. J

    NCV3: 2006-2018 OEM Factory Seat Brackets (x3) - $100.00 (Atlanta, GA)

    Three (3) OEM factory seat brackets for sale These were removed from a 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 (Crew Van) Asking $100.00 + shipping for all 3 brackets
  4. I

    Seat Base / Mount bracket

    Has anyone used Metris Seat Bases for their second row in a conversion? I'm having a hard time figuring out what the part # is for the brackets that hold down the front of the seat below. The back of the seat base has a built in mount like the Sprinter, but on the front their are...
  5. F

    T1N Bench 2 Seat Bracket Location Diagram

    Hello Sprinter people! We are installing a bench seat in a 2006 T1N Cargo and I need the specific location measurements for where to cut out the floor for the seat brackets. Our floor doesn't have markings or indicators. I have searched many of the threads on seat installs and haven't been able...
  6. P

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Rear Seat Mount Covers

    A bit of a shot in the dark but I’m looking for the rear seat mount covers. They are those little plastic covers that clip into the floor mount from the front of the seat to the front of the floor mount. Fills that empty space that my kids drop food crumbs into. Thanks!
  7. L

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Mercedes sprinter 170 3 person bench seat; Portland, OR

    Bench seat that sits 3 people for sale, excellent condition. Comes with floor mounts and all hardware. Asking $350, can be delivered within 40 miles for an extra fee
  8. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 07-19 sprinter 2 person bench seat for sale

    I have a leatherette two person bench seat for sale in Southern California. Anaheim Ca Great condition. Way easier to move in and out. Also allows more cabin room for your build $1300 or $800 with trade in of 3-seat. Any questions text or call Pete instagram @projectsprinter 7143376221
  9. J

    4 Person Bench Seat - NE PA (Allentown area) - Asking $600/OBO

    I'm converting my van into a mobile home and I don't need the seat that came with it. It's a 4 person cloth NCV3 bench seat including the brackets that it inserts into. The plastic on the back of it is scuffed and cracked but besides that it's in great shape (I dropped it taking it out of the...
  10. theOMsound

    Floor Insulation

    Hi there! A question about flooring.... We ripped of the old plywood in order to see what was under there so we can soundproof and insulate, as we're semi-converting our van into a touring setup - storage in the back with a row of seats just behind the driver row, and beds up top. We don't need...
  11. E

    T1N Bench Seat Anchor/Rail - the longer one

    Howdy, I'm hunting for mopar part #5104532AA, which is the long version of the floor mounted bench seat anchor (the metal rail with small crossbars bolted to the floor that the bench seats connect to). Thanks! Ethan
  12. thomasrobert23

    Emergency help on installing seat/cargo needed

    ok so I have my sprinter 2500 cargo 2006 scheduled to have a 3 person seat installed on 1/2, I got a 3 person bench seat, the 3 proper anchors, the bolts and backing plates... but I stopped by my mechanic to schedule the appt. and first thing he said was " problem is that it sits right on top of...
  13. T

    Installing captains chair to 2nd row factory mounts?

    I have a 2016 Crew Van and want to be able to easily switch back and forth between the 3-person factory bench seat and a single aftermarket captains chair. The factory seat uses 3 sets of recessed mounts. I would mount the captains chair behind the driver's seat, using two of the 3 sets of...
  14. F

    Sprinter OEM floor bracket install questions

    I recently bought a 2012 Sprinter, 170. So far - lovin' it. Everyone staring at me is a bit disconcerting - but I guess I *am* pretty handsome.:rad: The previous owner installed a wood floor (but a poor job of it) and sold one of the benches with it's brackets. But thankfully he left cutouts...
  15. K

    Seat Bracket Installation Vendor

    I have a 2011 crew van with one 3 person bench seat. I am looking for someone on the East Coast (New England perferrably) to install additional brackets so I can move the seat around. Does anyone know of someone who can do this work? Thanks- Keith

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