1. XYZdayz

    Any downsides to using eternabond tape on the roof longterm?

    I am redoing a 2005 sprinter van roof after discovering leaks in the seams and around fans, skylight and vents. After reinstalling everything, applying sealants (Diacor around the fan and skylight and sikaflex 221 on the seams), I am considering covering the sealants with eternabond tape as an...
  2. wdavi014

    Sliding Door Seal

    Hey folks, Anyone know where I can find the rubber door seal for the passenger sliding door? It's item 17 in the attached image and I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Mopar PN is 5104 426AA, though it doesn't seem to be very useful when I search for it. 2005 Super High 2500 140 Many...
  3. quillaja

    "weather seal" orientation on new windshield

    Hi. I just had a new windshield installed today after doing the POR-15 treatment for rust that had cracked the old windshield. When the glass guys were prepping the windshield, they installed the "weather seal" with the wide part oriented towards the metal (inside of the van). The old...
  4. R

    Axle Seal Replacement: 2008 NCV3 3500 DRW

    2008 Dodge NCV3 170" WB 3500 DRW Hello. I had a failing axle seal on my van. After attempts of finding a how-to write-up on both this site and the greater interwebs came back fruitless I decided to do a write-up in case anyone else would like to tackle this job. Very simple with a solid but...
  5. mugget

    2 leaks on diff - DIY repair/seal replacement NCV3

    Hi folks, To give some background it's a 2006 NCV3, currently has 309,000km on the odo. So it's coming due for the rear axle oil change (does this mean the diff?) and coolant. Just noticed some oil on the outside of my diff in the last week, thought I'd better get it taken care of… freaked me...

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