1. Carminooch615

    DAD vs Xentry C3 vs Xentry C4.

    I have a 2006 Dodge Sprinter 140", 2500. USA. I've spent the last week endlessly scanning through all of the extremely helpful discussions in the Scanners thread. An abundance of knowledge (at times a little tricky to all take in). My specific goal here is to utilize some funds I just freed up...
  2. StarryNights

    Autel AP200 screen shots + INFO

    I am a new Sprinter owner got a 2003 a few weeks ago. Quickly realized I needed to have a scan tool able to see more than basic OBD data. I saw a few references to the Autel AP200, did some research and for $56 after a 20% discount Amazon delivered one yesterday. Even though I do some part...
  3. C

    Autel MD802 connection/fit issue

    Just bought our first van, 2006 t1n 170 WB. At the recommendation of many on the forum our first purchase was the MD802 scanner. Is it normal for the connection on these to be an extremely tight fit? Most videos I have watched it seems to pop right in, but both on my Fusion and the Sprinter I...
  4. A

    Scanner/diagnostics recommendation

    Hi what would be the best scanner/diagnostics unit under 400$ for EU MB Sprinters 2006+ preferably with dpf functions (status, percentage, regeneration) Was looking at Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Thanks in advance for suggestions!
  5. T

    UltraGauge EM Plus 1.4

    I was looking for a tool that would let me know when a DPF Regeneration was happening, and I came across the UltraGauge. While reading about it, I discovered there is a special experimental version of the EM Plus 1.4 that was designed for Sprinters. “v1.4 has additional features added to support...
  6. B

    ScanGauge II OBD reader 85.00 shipped

    ScanGauge II OBD reader 80.00 shipped -SOLD Almost new used for a few months and realized I really don't use it 80.00 shipped Thank you Item is SOLD
  7. M

    Harbor Freight Zurich R13 for sprinter? code reader/ scanner

    Do you know or think the new code readers from harbor freight will work with a 2002 sprinter? are there any bluetooth devices that are strongly recommended for sprinters? id like one that works for deisel vws and bmw and toyota, maybe im asking too much. i definitely need one for the diesels. so...
  8. T

    Zany numbers for two exhaust sensors

    I have an iCarSoft MBII. When I look at the readings for the Pre Catalytic Converter Temperature Sensor under Engine Sensors, I see a reading of 542.84 oF when the engine is cold and not running. The reading for the Temp sensor downstream of the exhaust gas recirculation cooler is *exactly* the...
  9. M

    Stuck in LHM in Rochester NY

    My 2006 is stuck in LHM, I'm in need of a scanner. My cell is 585-690-0934 and email is Thanks
  10. T

    Scanner that will program boost servo

    I recently got a 2007 Dodge Sprinter and am experiencing a loss of boost after a few minutes o of driving. Stopping and re-starting the vehicle will sometimes fix the problem for a while. It had a 2510-001 Check component Y77/1 (Boost pressure regulator) code when I bought it. At that...
  11. J

    transmission nightmare - dealer ransom?

    So my '02 freightliner 2500 long tall got itself stuck in second and then in neutral back in june. First I thought it just needed to have the trans serviced and then flashed to get it out of limp mode, but the first dealer I brought it to tried to sell me a trans and torque converter without...

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