rough idle

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    Jumping while everything is dying

    2003 2500 2WD My wife needed a jump twice today I was thinking I took it, left it running for a while, went out and it's running odd. I hit the accelerator to rev a little and it dies without revving at all. Now it won't start again. I'm waiting for a jump now so I can take it to...
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    Black smoke on start up

    Sprinter '07 311 CDI 2.1litre. First symptom - black smoke on start-up in cold weather. No error codes. Smoke cleared quickly as engine temperature rise. Second symptom: failure to start at all one frosty morning. Started with smoke at lunch time. Took it to Mercedes dealership. They couldn't...
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    Remove Black Death injector without tool rental!!!

    Look. I have a 2006 sprinter with 440,000 miles. I fixed my leaking injector at 435,000 and its been leaking since 370,000. Clean out the large deposits of crud, soak the injector with wd-40 and leave it for a day. Come back the next day and put some acetone on it. After that unscrew the fuel...

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