1. Carminooch615

    Roof panel replacement- what color to paint it?

    Just as the title explains, I’m having a portion of my roof replaced with a replacement panel. Far too much rust to salvage this one panel so it’s being replaced. My van is deep blue. The body shop is asking if I want to paint it the same color. I was thinking white or a light grey to repel...
  2. XYZdayz

    Any downsides to using eternabond tape on the roof longterm?

    I am redoing a 2005 sprinter van roof after discovering leaks in the seams and around fans, skylight and vents. After reinstalling everything, applying sealants (Diacor around the fan and skylight and sikaflex 221 on the seams), I am considering covering the sealants with eternabond tape as an...
  3. XYZdayz

    Installing a fan and skylight when there are square metal frames welded underneath the roof skin???

    Any suggestion for this fan and skylight install? There is a 1 -1/2" square metal tube frame welded into the roof supports around the 14"x 14" roof penetration for the fan (also for a skylight) I bought a frame adapter for the roof ribs and the instructions says "you only want the screw to...
  4. XYZdayz

    How to install maxxair fan and skylight with metal frames welded underneath the outer skin

    Just about to install two new maxx air fans and a new 17" x 24" skylight in a remodel that had a big leak problem. Sigh... I bought a frame adapter for the roof ribs and the instructions says "If the screws are going to go into a roof support beam, then drill a clearance hole in the beam. You...
  5. XYZdayz

    Gap in frame underneath skylight and fan

    Hi Any suggestions on what to do about a gap between a steel frame underneath the fan and skylight opening and the metal roof? Because of past leaks, I am completely redoing the roof and ceiling. (ugh) When I eventually screw down the skylight or fan frame seems the metal roof would flex down...
  6. K

    Roof Rust Help

    Hey looking at buying this van but there is only one problem. The roof seams are really rusted. How hard would this be to save?
  7. R

    Ideas for NCV3 roof cladding?

    Hi all. This is my 2nd post so far, I previously posted here regarding B pillar trims (I will be updating that thread soon with how that has gone). First a bit of background: my DIY camper build is almost complete, the wiring kit etc is due to be installed in a few days, right in time for...
  8. N

    Mounting solar panels to curved fibreglass roof

    Hi all, After putting off this horror show for ages I'm attempting to mount solar panels on the roof of a Sprinter saddled with a curved fibreglass roof. As you can see from the attached images said curvature is playing havoc with my hopes of a smooth install. Due to the size of the panels...
  9. L

    Sprinter 170 Inside and Roof Dimensions

    Hi everyone, I am trying to continue planning my upcoming Sprinter 170 conversion while working overseas temporarily and I was wondering if anyone has a good set of dimensions that they have taken on their Sprinter 170s? I would go back to the dealer but am unable to at the moment being...
  10. W

    Navion Roof Fairings

    Earlier this summer, while on I-70 in Kansas in a gusty, strong left crosswind (2012 Navion 24J), the front part of the left roof fairing was liberated - making quite a noise flopping around. Pulled over to shoulder, climbed up and removed it completely. Continued all the way to the left coast...
  11. C

    2007 Dodge Sprinter Rear AC/roof AC problem...Help?

    Hello! My father-in-law and I have done a lot of trouble shooting to find out why the blower in the roof AC is not kicking in. We also do not hear the compressor turning on either. The rear heat and the floor level vents blow air when the temperature is on the hot side, but nothing happens when...
  12. P

    Factory Roof Seams Leaking - Easy Weld Sticks?

    I found some wet areas around the headliner of my 2004 T1N. After investigating and pulling some insulation out I found the source of the leak - the factory roof seams. I see that people use alot of different methods to fix including paints and caulks. But I want something that won't rear its...
  13. C

    High or low roof? Weekend/Kayaking

    Hi folks - I've been reading/watching this community for a couple of years now, this is our first post. After a lot of time researching together (looking at vans, reading forums/videos etc) the wife is finally onboard, we had a terrific summer kayaking in the Northwest US (we live near Portland...
  14. H

    Installing Roof Rails Without Removing Headliner

    I have a 2016 Sprinter 170" high roof. It did not come with factory roof rails. I'd like to add them, but I'm wondering if it can be done without removing the headliner? If not, how difficult is it to remove and then re-install? Thanks for any tips.
  15. X

    Normal Roof to High Roof: Best conversion options?

    I'm in the market for a used sprinter but can't seem to find any high-roof ones that fit my needs/budget, so I'm thinking of getting a normal roof and converting it to a high roof (non pop-top, though open to that as well). Anyone have any experience with this type of conversion? Are there any...
  16. levinro

    Running a 5 in 1 antenna wire through the roof

    Hi Folks, I purchased a 5 in 1 MIMO antenna to mount on the roof for a wifi router. I'm looking for a waterproof solution for running the 5 coax wires through the roof. The antenna itself is designed to be mounted directly on the roof with the wires coming out the bottom of the antenna...
  17. A

    Roof rust repair. Insane idea #1: Rebuild the roof

    I have a bad case of roof rust that I posted about here. (Added images) The rust on all three seams is bad enough that it'll probably be a big job to fix it. And even then, because of the LINE-X on the interior, I imagine it's going to be a long battle with rust. This led me to thinking of...
  18. J

    Weather Guard Roof rails - Fiamma Mount

    HI, Has anyone had experience mounting the Fiamma awning to a Weather Guard Mounting Channel Kit? I'd rather avoid any sort of modification to the mounting bracket or c channel if at all possible. Background: I acquired the Weather Guard system as part of the deal (for cheap) I'm stuck now...
  19. C

    Rooftop AC unit leaking

    I bought this van used about a year ago. I had to charge the rear ac when I first got it, and then had to charge it again about 8 months later. The mechanic said there was a leak we would have to track down. I got a leak finder with dye and tried to find something in the van but came up...
  20. B

    Mercedes: "You can't rely on our reputation"

    The latest twist and turns in the class action lawsuit over the leaking roofs: Mercedes says you cannot rely on their reputation! Background on the leaky roof and AC units...

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