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  1. A

    Your opinion on roof rails 144" WB

    Hi. Newbie here. I'm finding many different roof rail options for my 2019 144" WB high roof:
  2. N

    Roof rack options - super high fibreglass roof

    Hi all, I've got a 2007 Sprinter with the super high roof fibreglass roof. As you can see in the attached image - its reinforced with fibreglass spurs at regular intervals. The question is: What are my options for mounting a roof rack to the van that can take the weight or a solar panel...
  3. A

    Roof Rack 2006 158 Sprinter, Bolts or Gutter clamps?

    Just got a 2006 2500 158WB with the high roof and I'd like her to have a nice rack. I don't like the idea of drilling into the roof, as even with sealing there is the potential for leaks with time and weather variations. What are your thoughts on the gutter clamp racks? Any issues I should be...
  4. A

    Roof rack with factory air conditioning unit

    Hello, We have a 2019 sprinter and the factory original air conditioning unit takes up the whole back half of the roof. I can’t seem to find anything that will fit short of getting Custom. Any help? Or pics of your set up with the air conditioning unit up there.
  5. EinarJ

    Mounting hardware for attaching gear/cargo boxes to roof rack

    I'm curious to know what mounting hardware you all have found for safely and securing things like recovery trax, lower profile cargo boxes, etc to your roof racks? I have a RoamBuilt rack and am wanting to secure a few low profile (5-7" tall) cases up there. I've seen some rigs while on the road...
  6. S

    Vantech T1N sprinter Roof Rack(3 bar)

    For sale: $250 obo - Vantech T1N sprinter Roof rack(steel version) with hardware. Came on our van when purchased from someone who did HVAC. We removed the rack for our self conversion/solar panel I stall. Used condition, some surface rust, no major damage/dents/or bends, all hardware...
  7. iksro

    Roof rack with rear factory air?

    What is everyone using or planning on using in conjunction with the factory air? Im not sure if the modular options from Aluminess or the Flatline Vanco options will work. Looking to put solar, crossbars to carry gear when needed, light bar, AND take the space for a Maxxair fan right in the...
  8. F

    Yakima Q clips for my '12?

    I'd like to mount a Q-tower roof rack I have laying around to anchor a light bar over the front of my windshield. Has anyone used this system and which model Q-clip is recommended/worked for you? The yakima page is of no help... TIA
  9. M

    T1N roof rack question

    Have a 03 3500 (t1n) high roof and am trying to find out how much weight the roof can support using direct mount racks (vs gutter mount). I've searched the forum and didn't find anything). Gutter mount was 660 lbs.
  10. B

    Custom Aluminum Roof Rack

    I am wondering if anyone here might be able to help me. I have a 2014 144" Sprinter Passenger van with factory rooftop A/C. It's used all of the time but especially for long trips with the kids and my wife. We love the vehicle but the lack of a roofrack has been one thing that has limited its...
  11. B

    Custom Roof Rack Metal Size?

    I'm building a custom roof rack for my Sprinter. I'm new to metalworking/welding, so I really have no idea of what size metal to get. Round or Square tube? Size? Thickness of the metal? Any input or advice is greatly apricated!
  12. S

    Roof Rack & Deck for under $200 CDN

    Howdy! Long time lurker & first time poster here. Completed my build based on many ideas and sharings on this forum - now wanting to give back in the form of some build beta :-) I had good luck creating a rooftop patio/deck, with additional storage in a roofbox, using aluminum Unistrut as...
  13. C

    Recommended roof rack for 06 158"?

    I just bought an 06 158" wheelbase and am wondering what roof racks people recommend. I don't really want anything fancy, just a cheap/simple rack to mount solar panels on to keep them from being directly on the roof, but so far all I find are ones for $1500+. I would almost rather just use...
  14. T

    Roof Solar Mounting Solutions for 2007 144" High Top Cargo Van

    I've got four Renology 100 watt panels I want to mount on my roof, along with a Maxxair fan and probably a skylight. For this thread I'm looking for the best way to interface between the existing roof channels and whatever I'm building for the solar to live on. It's possible I may want to put...
  15. G

    2005 Low Top 118" wheel-base: Custom Roof Rack & Interior

    2005 2500 Low Top 118” wheel base Sprinter Van. So here is what this project started out like, this is the smallest sprinter van you can get. Looking a bit like a really nice ice cream truck. I thought I would start a build thread, mostly because I am running into some issues and have some...
  16. C

    Roof Platform Advice

    Oh Great and Terrible Sprinter hive-mind: What problems, or limits do you see using aluminium scaffold platforms (planking) for a roof deck? They are light, strong, cheap, easy to attach, and best of all when not on the van, in use at home for painting, repair, etc. I have a motif of multi-use...
  17. A

    What do you think of this roof rack?

    I've been researching roof racks because I'm looking for a simple way to mount some solar panels on a '12 144". I've searched the forum and not seen any review of this. Aside from it being surprisingly inexpensive...
  18. A.Hayes

    Yakima Racks

    Here's a light duty alternative roof rack set up that I installed on my '02 140" Hi top yesterday. I basically was looking for something that would carry long but lighter loads (extension ladder or odd piece of long lumber), as well as lighter weight outdoor gear. A heavy duty ladder or safari...

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