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    Sprinter Bed / Flarespace Install - Rivnuts okay?

    Greetings all, I'm posting this after the fact which is obviously too late. I installed a bed kit in my sprinter yesterday and as soon as I have it in, I got second thoughts about my method. Essentially, I used two riv nuts (5/16) at the end of each rail, though the pillars around the...
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    Installing Versatie track in passenger van

    Aloha! I'm looking for some specific guidance on how to properly remove the ceiling panels in the cargo area of a 2015 2500 high roof 170" passenger van. I'm planning on installing track on both side top and bottom above the rear most Windows and just above the wheelwell. I'll be mounting a...
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    Astro 1442 13" Rivet Nut setter

    I installed my first piece of L-Track with rivet nuts today and had a request for the details. I haven't used the track yet and haven't tried other tools, so I don't know that this is the best setup. I used the Astro 1442 13" Rivet Nut setter. It was $66.39 with free shipping from Amazon...

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