1. hutchski

    LHM reset without key fob?

    I had a coolant explosion (cracked reservoir) that I patched with JB Weld but I can't seem to get the van out of LHM or maybe I am coincidentally experiencing a new problem at the same time, wouldn't that be my luck?? I saw on a previous thread the key / lock trick to reset LHM but it didn't...
  2. D

    Srs reset in Portland area?

    Wondering if anyone in the Portland, OR area has a diagnostic tool I can use to reset an srs light that I triggered by turning on the ignition with the airbag disconnected. Would be happy to pay in beer/pizza/beard oil!
  3. skyeg3

    What are 'drive cycle' parameters?

    I am trying to get my van to pass smog. And although there is no check engine light on, the smog guy's scan tool is indicating that the "egr needs to be reset" and to do this I have to drive a certain way for a certain amount of time. Supposedly this is called the "drive cycle" A friend who...
  4. W

    Docs on how to Rest the Service Processor

    Though this may be of interest to some.

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