1. D

    Dallas/DFW TX body shop, major repair

    Hi, I expect my insurance company to declare a total loss on my 2016 sprinter crew (high roof, 21k miles). I need some fairly significant body work done (rear door frame and doors) if I purchase the salvage title and repair it. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on trusted shops in the...
  2. HapyBus

    Commonly Breakable Parts

    I'd like to create a list of parts that commonly break on a 4x4 Sprinter when off-roading/overlanding. That way, we can keep spares and compatible tools on board for such occasions. Has anyone broken parts with their vans while off-roading yet? I'll update this post with a list as we add to it.
  3. L

    Turbo Noise?!?! Manifold surfaced and Gasket Replaced.

    So I was driving to big sur with a whining coming from the turbo area that got very bad further in and i lost turbo. I read it to be the issue of a leaking manifold and the whistle being the gasket. I saw exhaust residue near the bottom of the manifold so assumed that was it and why the tubo...
  4. A

    Blown head gasket In Southwest NM

    Thanks for any recommendations in advance! 2006 Dodge T1N with 248,000 Miles on it. Former Ambulance converted into camper. Through visual indications, a block test kit, and talking with my Mechanic cousin I am certain I have a blown head gasket. Van currently still drives without too much...
  5. J

    Sprinter campervan serious coolant leak (?)

    Appreciate any advice or help with this! Mercedes Sprinter campervan 311 CDI 2151 CC 2004 The last service was September 2018 with the following notes: "bottom coolant pipe rusty" "VHC coolant - anti-freeze weak and low level" "replaced coolant hose for engine" "replaced anti-freeze and...
  6. S

    Starting Issue with Sprinter bought a couple months ago

    I bought a 2006 T1N with 80,000 miles a couple of months ago from Philly and am running into my first issue. Please forgive me as I am new to this vehicle and the forum. A few weeks ago I went out of town and didn’t run the van for about 2.5 weeks. I came back and noticed it had some trouble...
  7. B

    Reputable/Affordable Sprinter Mechanic

    Hi All, 2002 158" HT Freightliner Sprinter 3500 110,000 miles I registered for this site a while back but for some reason never used it. Stupid Me. I will be on the road come April '19. I bought my Sprinter Aug '17. I have kept up with basic maintenance duties but its time to go deep. I have...
  8. H

    Tank repair, epoxy?

    Had some road debris skewer and tear my grey tank My RV guy said it is petroleum-infused plastic and said to call LTV for a replacement I’d rather try to patch it first. I don’t want to attempt plastic weld. As a grey tank, nothing I can do will make it worse, right? I was told by a random RVer...
  9. T

    AC diagnosis

    Well just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Took my 2006 Sprinter 2500 to a garage the other day. The AC was not working. I was told that the Compressor and the Controller were bad. NOT buying that they both were bad and the $1200 bill they were trying to con me out of I decided to do my own...
  10. S

    Flexible Black Water Sewer Hose Under Van Leaking

    Noticed a leak with the black water (fun!) Ran some tests with just water and got this video: It looks like, under the van, there's a blue, flexible, sewer-hose that runs from the black-water tank to the common...
  11. V

    Gearbox Cables Mercedes Sprinter CDI quick repairs

    This video shows a fast rapair of the Sprinter's manual gearbox cables.
  12. J

    Cost of Maintenance Data Collecting

    Hey everyone! You probably get this a lot, but I'm considering buying a Sprinter. I'm considering a pre-2007 (I've heard they're more reliable/ less finicky) with around 100k and I want to get all the numbers down for cost comparison with other vans before I make my choice. I'm a touring...
  13. D

    Best method to patch floor holes?

    Well I started the build on my 2008 Sprinter today by removing ~800lbs of stainless steel shelves, toolboxes, and whatnot left behind by the locksmith I bought it from. Turns out whichever numbnuts bolted in all the shelves did so by drilling holes straight through the sub-floor, floor, and...
  14. Z

    Rear A/C problem, Leak

    I recently purchased a 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 passenger van. The rear A/C was not blowing cold when I purchased it. I had it serviced (they charged it) and everything was going great! I enjoyed hearing the kids' teeth chattering as they stuttered its c-c-c-cold!!!! On the return trip from...
  15. V

    Sprinter prepaid Maintenance plan worth the $$$?

    Hello All, I have never posted in a forum before so I apologize if this is bad form. I have been reading this forum a lot and you guys seem to be "in the know". We are to pick up a 2015 Sprinter passenger van for the family today after waiting for 5 months and borrowing cars to get us by. I...
  16. M

    Problems to get german sprinter van fixed

    Hi, I am currently travelling the US in my 2002 Diesel Mercedes Sprinter van. I shipped it over from Germany. Now I am having trouble to find a service center which can read the data from the engine cause every place I asked did not have the right converter to plug my car into their computer. I...
  17. A

    Best repair/maintenance manual for MB 2010 Sprinter

    I'm in the US and desparately trying to find a Haynes style manual or source to attain to being taking over service on my 2010 MB Sprinter (2500) The $500+ glorified Oil Change services at the dealership are killing me and I want a reliable source to walk me through some of the simpler things...
  18. skyeg3

    Bay area sprinter mechanic

    Does anybody know of a good sprinter mechanic in the bay area? Or more specifically around the peninsula area? Thanks
  19. R

    New Jersey Sprinter Service?

    Hello, Im new to this forum and I have a question. Besides going to dealerships for service and repair, are their any service centers I can go to in north new jersey to service my sprinters? it would be a plus if i could find a service center that can take more than one at a time if need be.
  20. C

    On-the-road repair

    This is my first post. Happy to have found this site. I'm in a band that's looking into buying a Sprinter for ferrying us around the US and CA for the next few years, and I'm wondering how easy/difficult it can be to find relatively quick (reliable) repairs on the road. We've been in a Chevy...

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