1. P

    Intermittent Starting issue - ABS & ESP Errors shown

    Hi All, I'm very disheartened to be experiencing intermittent starting issues on my 2011 313 CDI LWB. Upon inserting the Key and turning it I get the Fist stage ignition of supply to the dash where some of the instrument cluster illuminated but upon the second stage I don't get the Heater plug...
  2. Walker1271

    Fuel Pump Relay Wire

    This question has been asked a few times on the forum but yet to be answered. Does anyone know if the Fuel Pump Relay wires are easily accessible in the cab? Looking at the Wiring Diagram I have traced it to the following; 1258 18RD/WT - C2 Module 1776 18RD/WT - C1 Module 3820 12RD/DG - C104...
  3. J

    PA6-GF30 / A0335453232 Relay Identification

    HI All, I found a large relay under the transmission control module under the drivers seat in my 2006 T1n. I'm not able to find what it is for - or where to get a replacement. It appears to be bad. Any help is appreciated.
  4. N

    No Click/No Start + "P" Park Display on Dash Disappears

    I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Diesel Engine. A couple months ago my Sprinter started its first winter in a cold climate and was having trouble starting on cold days. I would wait for the glow plug lights to go off and then would cycle the key and this would normally get it going. But the...
  5. J

    Driving Lights Install

    Hi, Looking for help locating the high beam switch wire (not the wire operating the actual high beam)... My 2007 ex-ambulance 318CDI came with the Lightforce driving lights still attached to the bull bar but, along with a lot of other wiring, they were disconnected when the butchers took to...
  6. J

    Starter won't crank

    Recently bought an '02 T1N, running great. Then I started messing with the relays as there was a blinker light out. Now when I turn the key, the dashboard lights come on but the starter won't crank at all. Checked to make sure the vehicle battery is fully charged and replaced the battery in...
  7. S


    I have a 2016 MB 2500 Cargo Van. My driver’s side low beam was out so I replaced the bulb and still NO Light!! The old bulb was still good as well so the problem has to be something else. I looked for headlight fuses in my Fuse Allocation Supplement but didn’t find any fuses for the...
  8. L

    Various Electrical Parts For Sale - Seattle

    Electrical Parts For Sale: • Blue Sea ML-ACR, new, never used but out of original packaging: $100 SOLD • ANL Fuse Block w/ Cover & 200-amp fuse: $25 • 35-Amp Circuit Breaker: $20 SOLD • 10 stud bus bar w/ cover: $5 • 10mm single stud w/ cover: $5 • Approximately 20’ 2/0-cable: $30 SOLD • Various...
  9. R

    Help me understand these relay diagrams, please!

    2015 Sprinter 2500, 4 Cylinder, Cargo Van Hi all, I'm new and I've really learned a lot from all the great content on here, but I'm having trouble sorting out this MB diagram on fuses/relays There are two things that I would like to do, ultimately: 1.) I'd like to locate my fuel pump relay...
  10. N

    Disconnecting solar when below freezing for LIFEPO4 batteries

    Disclaimer, I'm not a pro, but did some internet research on how to throw this setup together. Use info at your own risk ;) Charging lithium batteries below freezing temps can cause irreversible damage. With my installation of 400ah of lifepo4 batteries inside the van, I've been looking for an...
  11. Thenewguy

    Help installing backup camera with reverse light relay

    My experience is very limited. So, I've gotta ask, I bought a simple relay, and I want to wire my rearview camera into my reverse light power. Is there a specific wire under the driver's seat of my 2005 t1n to connect it and ground the relay? Thanks.
  12. T

    Terrible Construction on Mercedes Charge Relay

    I wanted to be able to manually connect my car battery/alternator to my RV house battery pack with a switch. There is a factory option with docs available on how to do that here: ...which, overall, is...
  13. T

    Correct VSR relay for 2 or 3 100Ah batteries?

    Hi. I've managed to find a single passenger seat and I can fit 2x 100Ah batteries in there. I think I might get a third one in a couple of months.. The van is an '09 313Cdi (a thread said 88A alternator). So what VSR would I need for 2 or 3 batteries? I'm sure it's been asked a million times...
  14. S

    Van not turning over, intermittent fault. Please HELP

    So I'm having an intermittent starting fault with my van. It started happening the other day and is getting worse. It probably fails to turn over more than half the time now. Usually when you turn the key the glow plug light comes on and there should be a click from a relay near the fuse box...
  15. B

    Fuse/Relay/Switch vs. Rocker & Circuit Breaker Panel

    Hi Team! I'm putting together my electrical system, and was about to go down the tried and trusted route of installing a fuse box, then relay/switch systems for each of my components. But then I came across these Rocker & Circuit Breaker Switch Panels and got interested/confused. Here is the...
  16. T

    Sprintshift problem(s)-2001 313CDI

    Hi all, I`ve got this high-mileage (480k kms) Sprinter, a former taxi, and the problems with the Sprintshift is doing no good at all with neither patience, confidence or wallet! The gearbox itself was only a year old when I bought the vehicle, the clutch and flywheel a year older. I drove the...
  17. P

    How to connect Inverter to Auxiliary battery using underseat connection

    I have a 2013 Sprinter with an optional extra (auxiliary) battery which includes an isolation relay and a connect point located under the driver's seat. I want to mount a 1200W inverter to the back of the driver's seat pedestal and wire it to the connection point under the driver's seat. The...
  18. L

    Sprinter start problem

    I have a 2004 sprinter, it starts up normal in the morning and will start up if you turn it off right away and restart, but if it sits after driving it when you return after aprox. let's say 10min. it will not start. I check the fuel filter and found fuel is flowing, I check the fuel rail and...
  19. T

    Battery Draining

    I have a 2006 Sprinter 2500. Just installed remanufactured alternator. Drove 1200 miles to CA from Denver, CO. No issues during trip, but now when van parked overnight, the battery is drained. Warning beep (as if key left in ignition) is signaling when I open door. Some threads I've read...
  20. S

    low voltage to alternate battery for power inverter

    I have a 2005 sprinter with a 5000w power inverter. Under the drivers seat is a relay with the mercedes logo and reads A 002 542 40 19 89 9322 000 12v >PBT-GF20< the power into this relay reads 13+ volts as it should but the output was 6 and is now down to 3 Im not sure what this part is...

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