1. zcashio

    Wanting to upgrade Backup camera and Radio

    Just recently purchased a new 2019 170 ext 4x4. Absolutely love the way it drives and handles, felt like I was driving a sports car. The Promaster “eco diesel” we had doesn’t even come close. My biggest flaw is the Wimpy backup camera in the rear view mirror. Quality is not there and it’s...
  2. G

    Radio Issues

    I have a 2017 sprinter van. To get the radio to work I have to unplug the positive battery cable under the driver floor board. Disconnecting anything else will not work. It has to be the positive battery cable from under the driver floor. Anytime I shut the van off I have to repeat the process...
  3. M

    Weird horn, radio, volume control issue

    I have a 2012 air stream interstate 3500 (2011 MB sprinter) that has some sort of electrical issue I think. So the radio/navigation system doesn't turn on UNLESS I have the house batteries for the RV on, then it works fine. However when it is on and working the volume controls on the steering...
  4. Q

    Audio 15 replaced w/ Android head unit

    2016 Crew with factory Audio 15 Just replaced Audio 15 with this Android 8.0 unit. Everything was included. Quick install, pretty much plug n play, only needed an adapter for rear camera. (I have an aftermarket cam and needed a double female RCA adapter) The steering buttons are a bit wonky as...
  5. A

    Radio screen goes black, still hear audio

    Just picked up my dream van from the dealer today. Brand new 2019 4x4. About 2 hours into our 6 hour drive home from the dealer we stopped for gas. Started the van up and the sounds from the radio turns on but the screen is black and completely unresponsive. As i was driving after about 30...
  6. S

    Touchscreen removal

    There have been several posts on Radio removal in the W907 Sprinter and Today I had one in my shop to add speakers/amp, etc. Below are the pictures and how-to removal of the 7" or 10.5" radio. The outside radio bezel is indeed different than the base radio in that it is screwed in. the most...
  7. N

    Radio sound

    When I play the radio the sound comes from the dash / center speaker and I can’t seem to change it. When I’m on the phone the door speakers are in use. How can I get better sound from the radio? There is no way to change it by using the controls. 2019 Sprinter
  8. A

    Lost radio code

    I lost the 5 digit radio security code for my 2006 Sprinter but discovered a free solution which I'd like to share more widely. N.B. Radio security has moved on considerably since this form of security for obsolete and inferior radios which now is simply a hassle for owners of older vehicles and...
  9. D

    T1N Stock Radio - $15 - Eastern Pennsylvania

    Fully functional radio/head unit from 2004 2500. Quality as shown in pictures. $15. Buyer pays shipping. Local pickup available (Bethlehem, PA area). Pics:
  10. D

    The strangest intermittent electrical problem

    I've got one to stump you... I've got a 2004 T1N with the original Becker radio. Occasionally, when it is cold, the radio will come on (only for a split second) when the ignition comes on, then it will go off. I can't turn it on with the power button after that. However, if I turn on the...
  11. M

    Radio Code Not Working

    I disconnected my battery and when I went to restart the van I needed to enter my radio code. I found the radio code for my VIN on the "Sprinter Becker" document posted on this site, but the code IS NOT WORKING. Ugh...
  12. T

    I swear this radio question is not dumb

    Hello all, I have a 2006 2500 work van that needed a new head unit. I know, not another schmo who can't wire up his radio, post. Well, I did the install real nice and added some rear speaks so don't worry, I'm not completely useless. Everything works.. Mostly. The only problem I have is that I...
  13. J

    No Sound System in 2005 ex- FedEx van- Please help

    I recently purchased a 2005 2500 with the plan to convert it into a camper. It used to be a FedEx van and apparently was sold from the factory with no radio or speakers installed. I've found lots of information on here in regards to replacing the radio and speakers but haven't come across...
  14. bcman

    Basic stereo & speaker upgrade

    Hello All, I just joined the Sprinter family with the purchase of a 2003 140WB SHC Passenger van. First project: better sound! I know this info has been posted before, but I thought I'd share my experiences and a few bits of advice. I went to Crutchfield and bought a JVC media deck (no...
  15. T

    Radio swap

    I have a friend with a 2015 sprinter who just removed his stock radio for an aftermarket that does video. I was curious if anyone knew if his stereo would work in my 08?
  16. Andy at Focallocal

    Radio + sometimes heater not working until I've driven 30mins. Strange issue just sta

    Hi. My radio started throwing a DC error for about 30mins after the engine starts, after which it's fine. Then the internal fan started sporadically doing the same. Neither are a huge issue, I'm just worried and thinking I should sort it now as they seem to be related and the issue seems to be...
  17. E

    Better microphone for Bluetooth in Audio 15

    I have a 2014 Sprinter Crew van with Audio 15 with Bluetooth for my phone. The microphone is almost there feet away and picks up a lot of background noise. Does anyone know of a boom type microphone that I can use instead of the factory microphone located in the center console? Thanks.
  18. C

    Radio gremlin

    This is my first post. I have an 04 passenger. For the radio to work the front a/c has to be on 4 and the rear a/c on high also. Sometimes it goes off when the brakes are applied. Any help would be great.
  19. M

    Radio Wire Harness Question

    Just bought a 2009 sprinter with no radio and wanted to hook a unit up. I've got a few extra cables besides just the wire harness and antenna cable in there. Anybody know what there other cables are for? I was looking to hook up Navi unit so I could attach a backup camera. Wondering if that...
  20. C

    Aftermarket Audio/Radio Help - No Audio

    So i installed a complete aftermarket audio/visual system in my 2013 Sprinter Passenger van. Install went fine, and everything works great until the system looses audio. Its bizarre, we havepower to the head unit Pioneer Nex-8000, but no audio. Everything appears to be working correctly...

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