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    0 bar on Front A/C refrigerant pressure in iCarSoft, sensor or leak?

    I decided to dig into my scantool for an idea of what might be wrong for my AC (it died a while back during cool weather, I've had the window down occasionally and it's been fine but summer is coming up) and this looked like the relevant screen in my iCarsoft MBII. I assumed it either "ran out"...
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    Van runs, cuts out. Merc want another £2000

    Hey guys, okay, I'm in Germany (traveling) with my 2005 sprinter. We had black smoke coming out of the exhaust, so I took it to Mercedes who charged me over 2000 euro for an injector check and refit (all four) aswell as brakes. They changed the fuel line aswell. The injectors were...
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    Tire Pressure - Michelin LTX MS/2

    I am a new owner of a 2008 Passenger Sprinter with 36,000 miles. This is my first post. The original continental tires did not wear very well at all. I think they ran 70 psi or something. I am not 100% sure since I didn't own it. I took the Sprinter to the scale with a full tank and no people...

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