1. B

    OMG!!! Can I get a decent price on a van already???

    I just can't get a deal on a decent used passenger van... Prior to covid I was not a serious buyer, I was wacking-my-eyes-off looking at sale sites of 2015-2018 sprinters with under 30K miles for around $30-$40K... Fast forward, I sold my X5, and I'm ready to buy, but it's like a rich man's...
  2. J

    T1N: 1994-2006 SOLD: 2006 118” Passenger Weekender

    Located in Ventura CA $24,420.69 Selling my 2006 Shorty (118" wheelbase) passenger Sprinter. Super clean, well-kept, in rare factory Orchid Green color. I'm the second owner of this van, I bought this van 5-6 years ago in pristine condition from the original owner and built it out as a...
  3. S

    T1N: 1994-2006 Price drop 2006 sprinter 118" not SHC! passenger van for sale

    Hey folks, Selling my 2006 sprinter with just under 99,000 miles. Purchased in 2016 and have put a ton of work into it (service records available). She has had a lot of work and runs very strong, she is a bit rusty underneath as she's an east coast girl. Mainly used as a work van with camper...
  4. S

    3500/3500XD converted to passenger van

    I'm looking to buy a 3500/3500XD converted to a passenger van so I can tow a 6400# fully loaded trailer and lots of people. Most 3500 conversions are limos, shuttles, busses, or luxury vehicles, and definitely NOT looking for those. I need something that looks and feels like a factory built...
  5. Yosemite

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Want to Trade Sportscraft Passenger Swivel for a Non-Offset Swivel (Anywhere WA to NorCal)

    I have a basically brand new Sportscraft passenger seat swivel that doesn't work for my van build. I installed it a week ago and realized the offset does not leave a lot of room between the seats. I would much rather have a non-offset swivel where I need to open the door to swivel, so that I can...
  6. R


  7. V

    VS30: 2019+ 2019 4*4 passenger

    Black 2500 passenger high roof 4*4 sprinter. No conversions Currently in colorado but will be driving through utah and texas in the next month. The car is still in warrenty
  8. T

    WTB: Passenger Van 2500 standard roof 144" 4WD

    Looking to buy a passenger 2500 standard roof 144" 4WD. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks! Tom
  9. I

    NCV3: 2006-2018 4x4, Diesel, Conversion Passenger Van

    10 passenger, Mercedes Sprinter, 144", diesel, high roof, 2500, 4x4, conversion van. Too many upgrades to list all of them. Tow package, upgraded fog and reverse lights, backup camera, satellite navigation system, six captain's chairs and a bench seat, custom flooring, running boards, 16 USB...
  10. J

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2017 Sprinter 4X4 High Roof 144 Passenger 2500 Van for sale Boulder, CO

    One owner, 29,030 miles, clean carfax, clean title, Sprinter 4X4, 144, Passenger 2500 Van, Retail (carfax and a local dealer) is $60k and I have a dealer willing to give me $49k. I am just trying to split the difference. $54,500 Many features from the factory...Driver Comfort Package, Active...
  11. J

    T1N: 1994-2006 WTB: T1N passenger headrest

    Hello there! Looking for a T1N passenger headrest like the one attached. Let me know and thanks!
  12. S

    Does such thing exists: inside overhead storage shelf for passenger 2013 Sprinter?

    English is not my first language. I bought 144" passenger 2013 Sprinter high roof. I have 7 kids and most of us like fishing. I'm trying to see, if it possible to mount some kind of inside storage shelf for fishing rods. I tried to search for it, but couldn't find anything. May be I just don't...
  13. F

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 MB 4x4 Sprinter Family Camper. 144” Loaded. Sleeps 5 CA

    2018 MB 4x4 Sprinter Family Camper. 144” HiRoof Sleeps 4 (+1 more in hammock) CA 2018 Mercedes-Benz 4x4 Diesel High-Roof Sprinter passenger van, professionally converted (by Vanco) as a year-round family camper. We have used it on many adventures year-round from 10 degree winter nights to...
  14. 2

    Winter ❄️ Frozen

    Now that Spring has arrived our conversion build out of the beast begins. My thanks to all for your project posts. Many great-time saving post and threads. :cheers:
  15. P

    T1N: 1994-2006 Left Passenger Windows

    Looking for two (of three) OEM gasket type windows for my 2004 158" WB Sprinter. The window just behind the driver and the next in line were hit with a pellet gun :-(
  16. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 3 Passenger Bench Seat w/Mounting Hardware

    I removed the bench seat from my client's crew van after it rolled off the truck from the dealer, so it is basically brand new, albeit dusty from living in my shop for a few months. Black Leatherette upholstery $800 obo My shop is in Reno but I travel frequently to SF so delivery there could...
  17. A

    Rear heater blower/assembly

    I have a 08 dodge sprinter passenger van, 144' high roof (just starting my conversion). The rear heater blower isn't working, and I've just started looking into the problem. I removed the plastic vent covers and looked into the assembly from within the van and noticed that the entire rear...
  18. D

    Passenger van single seat in rear options?

    Hi Friends, I have a 118 passenger that I am in the process of converting. I'd like to be able to add/remove a single passenger seat in the rear (2nd row), ideally using the two floor brackets closest to the sliding door. I currently have a 2 seat bench, but it only mounts behind the driver...
  19. T

    [B]2005 Sprinter Van 144” 2500 Low Roof Passenger Conversion Van - Los Angeles[/B]

    HI!, i'm selling my dear Sprinter Van after a long trip during the summer, it has 190.000 original miles. It's in perfect running condition, only has some minor bodywork details. -Registered in California -2.7 L Turbo Diesel -Automatic transmission -RWD -ABS, traction control (can be switched...
  20. C

    Dyslexic Sprinter Passenger Owners Untie

    I mean UNITE! Let's discuss our vehicles. I'm a happy owner of a 2016 4-cyl, 170", high-roof Sprinter with the factory rear A/C and some other bells and whistles. It's 98% work and 2% play but I hope to change that a bit over the coming couple of years. Anything I do to modify the vehicle...

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