1. M

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Partition - High roof, w/ door, Durango, CO

    Open to any and all offers for the cab partition out of my 2016 NCV3 high roof 2500. It has a single door with no windows or view-ports. Looking to get it out of my garage so first offer better than the price of the scrap metal wins. Construction is roughly 16 ga, grey powder coated steel. I...
  2. M

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Partition for sale (So Cal)

    Hello this is a partition on a lease return 2016 that I purchased and immediately removed. It's in great condition. Looking for $300 you will need to pick it up.
  3. J

    Ranger Design Partition on a T1N

    Does any of you know if a Ranger Design sliding door partition would fit a 2005 Sprinter? Here is the product (which is for Sprinters 2007 and newer): I called RD and they were very helpful in providing me...
  4. W

    Adrian Steel Partition for T1N

    Located in Poquoson, VA (Hampton Roads area). Partition with hinged center panel (door) removed from 2005 Freightliner/Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cargo Van,140 in wheelbase, high roof. Manufactured by Adrian Steel...
  5. T

    2016 sprinter partition/bulkhead Jackson, WY

    like new, tall roof, $350
  6. T

    2016 sprinter partition/bulkhead Jackson, WY

    cargo partition taken from my 2016 cargo high roof sprinter. like new condition. $300
  7. H

    NCV3 Partition with hardware

    Selling the partition from my NCV3 with all of the necessary mounting hardware for $250. It's brand new I'm just selling it because it came with the van and I want more room and light from the front windshield. It would be ideal if you could pick it up from my place in Santa Barbara (Isla...
  8. KentuckyWR

    Partition Options for Crew Van (behind rear passenger seats)

    We just got a new Sprinter Crew Van (high roof) a week ago and are trying to determine the best options for a partition/bulkhead that is situated behind the rear passenger seats. I've found lots of options for one that can be positioned just behind the front seats but none that work without...

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