oil leak

  1. R

    Replacing Cam Plug Due to Oil Leak

    I need to replace a front engine cam plug on my 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 (3.0 L V6 Turbo Diesel) because it is leaking oil. Can anyone tell me how the removal and installation of the plug is performed? I have a repair manual but it is oddly vague on this topic. The part number is A 000 997 6320...
  2. Earp

    Help with finding the source of Oil Leak

    Quick backstory: Recently put this engine in as a donor with 92k on it. Before putting in we -cleaned manifolds -replaced oil cooler and seals -all other gaskets -oil filter housing gasket -rear main seal First leak was from forgetting to tighten the two hold down bolts on turbo (first...
  3. R

    Help with oil sump removal

    I noticed a small crack in the oil sump of my 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 (3.0 L v6 Diesel Turbocharged). Oil was leaking through it, so I am trying to remove the lower portion of the sump in order to have the crack tack welded. I drained the oil and removed 14 bolts joining the upper/lower...
  4. Earp

    Oil leak (oil cooler and seals replaced)

    Oil seems to keep appearing here while engine is running. Takes a quart of oil to bring back to normal level after a couple hours of driving. Once parked it leaves a nice little puddle of oil (mostly dripping off crossmember). Removed the turbo in a Walmart parking lot believing it could have...
  5. E

    Leaking oil near transmission oil pan

    Hello! I’m having a pretty bad leak near the transmission pan, it seems to have leaked about 200ml if fluid. The colour of the oil is light brown/clear. Any ideas as to where this oil is coming from?(see pictures) And a possible DIY fix, thank you in advance. It looks like it’s coming from the...
  6. M

    Oil leak

    Hi, I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter. After a highway run I noticed some splatters of oil on the ground accumulated over a few days. Looking under the hood, I think I may have found the source (see attachment). Any idea what this part is for? Can I try to tighten the bolts, or do these indicate...
  7. S

    Oil cooler troubles after 2 replacements

    Hey all, I bought a 2007 Sprinter with 200k on the dash a couple of months ago, and noticed there was a significant oil leak. Enough that I'd have to top off about a quart of oil every 200 miles of driving. Parking on the driveway left a fresh puddle on the ground every morning. Took to the...
  8. M

    Lots of oil coming from breather tube back of head

    I just bought a 2005 for second van while I figure out whats ticking in my engine on the 2003 at 270k miles. The 2005 today just started leaking oil out of breather tube coming from back of the head pic included. Breather tube is 3' long and coming down drivers side. Any help would be nice. 223k...
  9. J

    Head gasket?

    So I've been dealing with an massive oil consumption issue on my 2011 GL350 bluetec. Engine is consuming 1 quart per 500 miles. Engine has 127,000 miles and has had it's maintenance always performed on schedule. Oil used meets the 229.51 spec, all the other parts were either OE or OEM. I do...
  10. 3

    Cracked oil pan, three options. What should I do?

    Was an idiot and set torque wrong and cracked my oil pan on my dodge sprinter while tightening the oil plug. The pan is cracked at the threads, perpendicular to the threads going into the oil pan. Option 1: drop off at auto repair shop and tell them to have fun. New oil pan, professionally...
  11. Andy at Focallocal

    Black oil splashing from engine cover screw hole, next to injectors

    I have oil that slowly builds up in this hole. With the screw in its barely noticeable. Always a little damp in there (5yrs now). I replaced my injectors and while starting it up with the cover off I noticed oil slowly building up in the screw hole while idling. If I rev the engine it splashes...
  12. G


    Hi, Looking for help with a oil leak that has appeared after service with local dealer. My 2003 Sprinter was dropped for 200k service at the dealer and they confirmed that the intake manifold recall had not been performed...which I went ahead with. Upon receipt I put 1000 miles on the...
  13. V

    Oil leak Timing chain cover

    Anybody have any experience with oil leaking from timing chain cover? The shop just reported back that's where they think my oil is leaking from. Anything else I should replace while fixing that? I have a 2008 dodge sprinter with 250,000 miles. And am getting ready to drive across the country...
  14. L

    Severe Oil Leak 2012 Sprinter

    My friend has a 2012 Sprinter chassis with 40,000 miles - 2013 View Motorhome. This morning he started it and noticed oil pooling below. The oil leak is at the front of the engine, definitely not pan, drain plug, or filter cover. It leaked about 1 pint in total over about 15 minutes total...
  15. S

    oil leaking - tightened oil drain plug too tight and cracked the oil pan

    Oil is visibly leaking from what appears to be a crack in the oil pan. Is it possible that I tightened the oil drain plug too tight and cracked the oil pan?
  16. J

    oil leak at start up

    I have what I would call a fairly major oil leak when starting in the morning. Noticed quite a bit of oil on the pavement where I let the beast warm up for few minutes before I head off for the day. This is on a 2004 work truck. Doesn't seem to leak during the day whether idling or not and...

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