1. A

    1 up bike racks Auburn, Ca

    I have 2- Black 1 up bike racks. These are the roof top mounts with 2” bolts. They are the same ones used on Owl Racks, and I believe also on the Alluminess Racks. I am going a different direction and would like to get them out of my garage. I used them for a 3000 mile road trip this past...
  2. J

    Rear rides lower than front axle on 170WB 2500 Conversion

    Hi everyone, The rear of my van rides significantly lower than the front, almost 2" at the wheel well. It's a conversion I built myself, it weighs almost 9,000lbs so it's possible the rear is heavier. I did replace the front struts when buying the van at 185k, but not the front. Will replacing...
  3. painej

    Exhaust back pressure and DPF pressure differential data

    I own a 2007 Dodge Sprinter, 3.0 L V6 (diesel) engine, with just a tad over 300k mi. The CEL is lit. Using the Autel 808, the code is P2626 with no other codes. I just did a test drive while recording exhaust back pressure and differential pressure at differing engine speeds. I've done a pretty...
  4. F

    Comparing a T1N with NCV3, maintenance

    Hi everony, I'm at the point of buying a sprinter. I've been looking around for a while and at the moment I have two really good options. Option 1: A 2017 314 CDI L2H2 model with 26,000 miles on it. Option 2: A 1998 312D Chassis Cabin custom build with 10,000 miles on it. Now the second...
  5. M

    Oil leak

    Hi, I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter. After a highway run I noticed some splatters of oil on the ground accumulated over a few days. Looking under the hood, I think I may have found the source (see attachment). Any idea what this part is for? Can I try to tighten the bolts, or do these indicate...
  6. M

    NCV3: 2006-2018 WTB; 144WB HR Cargo 4x4

    Want to buy; 2015-2018 Sprinter 144WB HighRoof Cargo 4x4. Open to exterior colors, save for Black. Open to options. Must be clean and well-maintained, with at least some service records. Prefer western USA, but will travel for the right van. LMK what you have! Thx :cheers:
  7. M

    Rubber caps under passenger seat

    Hi, Just bought a diesel heater and looking for a place to install. After looking under the passenger seat, I noticed two "rubber caps" on the floor. Any idea what they are for? (picture attached) If these are pre-drilled holes, I thought maybe I could forgo making new holes altogether, and...
  8. M

    Are all NCV3 tail lights compatible?

    Hi, Looking to replace some tail light assemblies on my 08 Dodge Sprinter. Found the TYC aftermarket ones. This one says it fits 07-16 This one says it only fits 10-14...
  9. S

    2008 Starter Battery Tray Removal

    Hey all! First time post here, because usually all my issues have already been covered, but this problem I've found nothing on. So here's the deal: Last winter the negative temps killed the starter battery. No biggie, I remove the battery, throw it on my trickle charger overnight, reinstall...
  10. E

    NEED HELP: Where to buy parts for 3500 models

    New owner of a 2008 Freightliner 3500 170ext. Recently had some of the wheel studs break off on the front two wheels. I'd like to replace most (if not all) the commonest in the front end. Where are good places to source parts either online or local retailers? Obviously trying to stay away from...
  11. N

    Turbo Low Boost, DPF Restriction

    I hate to start a new thread on something that may have been written before, but the whole forum has just become so cumbersome that unless the search is spot on I can't seem to find the answer... SO the wife & I first bought a 2008 Sprinter Diesel Passenger for the kids, one whom requires...
  12. M

    08’ turbo replacement

    My 08’ NCV3 2500 needs a new turbo, according to my mechanic. The symptoms: loss of power, and a rattling/clicking noise coming from the engine bay/turbo area. Said to be an actuator or wastegate solenoid of some sort. My mechanic suggests replacing the entire turbo, which is fine but, they say...
  13. T

    NCV3 Check Engine Light Code P068A

    Have a low mileage (25000) 2013 2500 and Check Engine Light came on. Diagnostic code "P068A - ECM/PCM Power Relay De-Energized Performance -Too Early." We are 120 miles from dealer who is non-committal about whether or not it is safe to drive. Other than the Check engine light there are no...
  14. StarryNights

    Autel AP200 screen shots + INFO

    I am a new Sprinter owner got a 2003 a few weeks ago. Quickly realized I needed to have a scan tool able to see more than basic OBD data. I saw a few references to the Autel AP200, did some research and for $56 after a 20% discount Amazon delivered one yesterday. Even though I do some part...
  15. B

    NCV3 woodruff key

    Hi member. I'm new in this forum. I had a 2007 Dodge sprinter 2500 with loosen cankshaft pulley. But my real problem is the woodruff key that completely damage. Please how to properly change it. Thank you very much
  16. E

    0 bar on Front A/C refrigerant pressure in iCarSoft, sensor or leak?

    I decided to dig into my scantool for an idea of what might be wrong for my AC (it died a while back during cool weather, I've had the window down occasionally and it's been fine but summer is coming up) and this looked like the relevant screen in my iCarsoft MBII. I assumed it either "ran out"...
  17. F

    NCV3: 2006-2018 New Bilstein Struts - North Carolina

    Bilstein 22-184238 Front Struts - qty: 2 Plus aftermarket covers/bellows. These are new, delivered to me in Charlotte, NC week of 5/13/2019. They fit my NCV3 2008 Sprinter 2500 177". Probably others. $75 each plus shipping. If you're interested in why I'm selling my new struts read on...
  18. I

    Stuck in gear/No brake pressure

    Hi everyone! My 2008 3500 got frozen into about a foot of ice. After about 2 hours of chiseling it out, I tried driving it out. It was quite the fools errand. After awhile of trying to rock it out going from drive to reverse to drive and so on, the brake light came on, the brakes lost all...
  19. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2018 Crew 144 Headliner & Lights: Reno/SF Bay

    I removed the four headliner panels aft of the driver's compartment for a client's brand new van. The set is for sale for $250, including the four factory light fixtures. My shop is in Reno, but I travel frequently to the bay area and could deliver it there.
  20. L

    Electrical rookie - wiring diagram & grounding question

    Hello, I think its finally time for me to jump in with my own electrical diagram and grounding question. The current draft of my wiring diagram is attached. I have an ’09 2500 144” WB. Critique of my diagram is most welcome. I am a total electrical rookie. Any mistakes are probably not...

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