1. H

    High Oil Consumption - Worn Out Turbo Seals?

    Hi All, been following posts on this forum for a while which has helped me out for many DIY tasks on my 2008 Sprinter 2500. First time I'm posting though. I've been dealing with higher oil consumption in my van for a while now (a year and half but only about 8000 miles). As my build is coming to...
  2. I

    SRS Help - R12/1 - B1240

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and a new owner of a (very) used Sprinter van. I bought the van a couple months ago and have been working on the TLC and repairs it needs before I start really running it. Since taking delivery, it has had the SRS light on the dash. I have an iCarSoft scanner and...
  3. H

    Brown stuff into swirly thing , DTC P2623

    Two independents, one pissed off dealer, and loads of the same issue and no resolve, kinda.... 2008 sprinter 2500 Turbo V6(Malone eco stage 1) I have DTC P2623, apparently a giant fuck you code from your sprinter. The issue has been going off an on for some time now. Main driving issue is...
  4. F

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2016 Black Mercedes Sprinter 144wb NCV3 Conversion !!!

    Up for grabs is a beautiful, one of a kind, converted sprinter van that was built by LA Van Outfitters. This is the perfect rig for endless road trips, summer travel, and living the best #vanlife. It is a 4 season van off-grid van that has all the necessary features to live large anywhere...
  5. S

    3-person seat for 2015 Sprinter in the NORTHEAST

    Looking for a second-row 3 person seat. Need mounting hardware (floor plates and mounts) included. Looking for one in VT, NH, ME, MA, RI, CT, South/Central NY. I am located in RI. Please email if you have one for sale, thanks!
  6. C

    275k on 2007 NCV3 - low compression

    Hi all, First time poster, long time reader... I am trying to figure my way through a 2007 Dodge Sprinter 170" ex-Fedex cargo van I picked up at an auction recently. It has 275,000 miles, body and interior/cab is in good shape, runs straight down the road. Compression is half what it should be...
  7. J

    Multiple Engine problems after gasoline in system

    2007 Dodge sprinter NCV3, ECU EDC16CP31-8.30, no DPF, Swirl valve unconnected, tried attaching a resistor in the electrical connector. Main issue: with all sensors connected it reluctantly starts but dies after a few seconds, no throttle respons. if unplug MAF still reluctant to start but then...
  8. A

    2016 2.1 - 4 cylinder - Strange Sound when shifting

    I have a 2016 2.l 4cylinder with 81,xxx miles. It has recently started making an audible metallic sort of sound when shifting, but only when it first gets going and it seems to go away for the most part once it warms up. I have an appointment to get the transmission fluid / torque converter...
  9. J

    Sold 1-3/4” Thinsulate SM600L roof kit for 170 Extended (VS30 or NCV3) - $50

    I made the mistake of putting two layers of thinsulate on my roof. The factory headliner wouldn’t fit properly, so I took one layer down. It’s precision cut to fit between the ribs on a 170 Extended, and has the full roll width (~61”) across. Approximately 15 linear feet. There is probably...
  10. P

    NCV3: 2006-2018 NCV3 swivel seats - Australia 🇦🇺

    Hi there, I have received the wrong set of swivels, I'm located in Coffs Harbour NSW. Bought from Price: $680 AUD
  11. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Full Rawtek NCV3 3.0L Exhaust with Catalyst

    Hello, I have a full Rawtek NCV3 3.0L exhaust with Catalyst. New and Never Mounted. I ended up with a 2.1L and this is now collecting dust after purchasing this a month ago. If you know anything about Rawtek, they make some high quality stuff. I have an exhaust of theirs on my Cayenne for the...
  12. I

    Need help removing that darned 16mm ground strap bolt

    Long story short, I am in the process of working out a no crank no start situation. I am blowing the 25amp starter fuse in #28, have swapped relays to no success, have been able to jump the solenoid with a "clunk". I have had this issue before. Last fall I needed a tow and then a backwoods...
  13. G

    Best bike rack for new sprinter vans?

    Any one have experience with door mounted bike racks that allow the back door to be functional for 2016 hightop vans. No trailer hitch. Looking at the Fiamma Rear 2 or the Thule Elite Van XT, Thule seems to mount the bikes very high. We are carrying two gravel bikes, up to 29 inch
  14. A

    $15k 2014 ex-ambulance, worth it?

    Stumbled across an ex-ambulance in Louisiana, USA. It's a 2014 144" 6cyl. with 200k miles for $15k. Seller sent an inspection report from a diesel truck garage with the following issues. I don't know which scanner they used to get these codes. The DEF/SCR system could have been disabled on this...
  15. Greta_Van_Gogh

    Calling All Rust "Experts"

    Long story short I bought a 07' 170 with 52k mi on it about a year ago with the intention of using it as a platform to build my first conversion on knowing that I'd make plenty of mistakes along the way and probably end up wanting to redo it all at some point. 1 year later and I'm about 3/4...
  16. J

    NCV3 Rear AC Ductwork removal

    Hey guys! I'm new here, Excuse my french... ;) Anyone that removed the rear AC unit here who could tell me more about the idea of ONLY removing the back part ductwork? As seen on this image. We need head space, but just in the rear part that seems to be only vent ducts. Is it possible? Fairly...
  17. M

    Aftermarket Hitch: Passenger 170

    Hi all, When researching which hitch to purchase and install, I found some stating will not fit on passenger van or frames greater than 30 5/8th size. Is the passenger van frame different than the crew/cargo? There’s no differentiation on Curt‘a website, for instance, between the different...
  18. mentorman

    Mosquito netting

    I am looking to add a mosquito netting on the cargo door and back door of my 2007 2500 2wd diesel. I saw a really nice set on a ProMaster with magnet closures which fit the opening perfectly. The owner said it was a great investment. Unfortunately I failed to ask where he bought it. Any...
  19. R

    Sold Sportscraft Swivel Bases (Driver+Passenger) - TX

    I have two Sportscraft swivels (driver, passenger) for $400 both. Not selling individually. Bought used locally, but did not fit my VS30 (2019 Crew). Not sure T1N or NCV3, just know it’s pre-2019. Located in Austin TX. Willing to ship if you pay shipping costs upfront. Circling Eastern USA all...
  20. A

    Sold 1 up bike racks Auburn, Ca

    I have 2- Black 1 up bike racks. These are the roof top mounts with 2” bolts. They are the same ones used on Owl Racks, and I believe also on the Alluminess Racks. I am going a different direction and would like to get them out of my garage. I used them for a 3000 mile road trip this past...

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