1. S

    T1N: 1994-2006 2002 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 158” WB high ceiling

    Location - Harrisburg PA Contact Info - or PM me Price - 7500 obo Model Year - T1N 2002 Wheelbase - 158 Roof Height - High Mileage - 550k, Engine rebuilt 40 Freightliner Sprinter 2500. T1N 5 Cylinder Mercedes Diesel engine. 550k miles, Engine rebuilt 40k miles ago +...
  2. C

    Sudden electrical problems

    Hi everybody, I’m wondering if anyone could shed any light on my poorly 08 311 CDI Mercedes Sprinter. I bought it just a few weeks ago, and drove around 300km home without a hitch. The coolant level indicator does illuminate intermittently, but the level is fine and the seller assured me that...
  3. C

    Wheels and tires for 2019 sprinter

    I have some stock sprinter wheels and tires that have roughly 4k miles on them. See pictures LT245/75R16 Michelin tires see photos. 6 lug configuration Price $750 for all five. I have the caps and lug nuts also.
  4. custommbsprinter

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2017 Mercedes Sprinter "170 2500 MINT!

    Location - Bellingham WA Contact Info - 971.274.8877 Price - 29.500$ Model Year - NCV3 2017 Wheelbase - "170 Roof Height - High Mileage - 48k Offering for sale my 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 "170 wheelbase cargo van. Powered with reliable 3.0L OM642 diesel engine and 5-speed automatic...
  5. T

    T1N: 1994-2006 Mercedes Grille, Hubcaps & More (Emblem/Decal Kit) - SF BAY

    Selling a Mercedes Grille and Mercedes Hubcaps, and am seeing if there is interest in an after market conversion kit. Grille This is a grille from a 2006 dodge sprinter van that was converted with an aftermarket kit to a Mercedes van. So while the van it is coming from is 13 years old, the...
  6. B


    2016 OUTSIDE VAN MERCEDES-BENZ 4X4 DIESEL SPRINTER VAN 144 - $99,000 Please see link for more pictures: Or eBay Selling an Outside Van Conversion, thank you...
  7. J

    Dodge vs Sprinter

    I am in the market for a Sprinter, probably 2010-2014 to meet budget. However, I am still unclear as to whether the Dodge will save me money on maintenance and repairs? I'm mostly looking at MBs, but now considering going for an older Dodge if it will be more cost efficient in the long run. Thanks!
  8. W

    WTB 144'' Mercedes Diesel,under 300k,$17k budget

    Looking to buy a Diesel Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Ideally a 144" wheel base under 300k miles. My budget is $17,000. Hoping for a clean vehicle with no accidents and working A/C, that I can build-out into a travel van (think more along the lines of storage for gear and 1-2 night sleepovers, rather...
  9. R

    part g2/6 malfunction

    OK guys im new to the sprinter world! my shop has recently acquired some fleet maintenance on 2011 Mercedes sprinters 2500! I have one that has a part g2/6 malfunction:thinking: which indicates the alternator. I have no information on these and i dont feel like paying the 20$ a day for the...
  10. T

    Looking for Chrome lower grill molding to complete mercedes conversion for 2005

    Hi all, I bought a mercedes grill for my 2005 sprinter and didn't realize I also needed the lower grill molding to finish it off. I kept the dodge sprinter chrome on the hood (cut out the mercedes hole) and I think it would look neat to have the lower grill molding in chrome as well to finish...
  11. A

    Best repair/maintenance manual for MB 2010 Sprinter

    I'm in the US and desparately trying to find a Haynes style manual or source to attain to being taking over service on my 2010 MB Sprinter (2500) The $500+ glorified Oil Change services at the dealership are killing me and I want a reliable source to walk me through some of the simpler things...
  12. C

    Mercedes-Benz/ Airstream Interstate

    Mercedes-Benz/ Airstream Interstate Both Mercedes-Benz and Airstream are known for luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology. With the constant evolution of the RV, Airstream and Mercedes-Benz have teamed up to introduce a revolutionary travel experience, the Airstream...
  13. M

    Converting Dodge to Mercedes Grill P1

    I got tired of waiting to finish the conversion of my Dodge 07 Long/High to Mercedes Badging, so I ordered the parts and started the journey. I tried to record the pertinent bits as I went along. First pic is the previous configuration, in hunting camp. First step is to remove the chrome trim...

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