1. Jonathanmellas

    Mechanic in Florida (Orlando area)???

    Anyone know of a Sprinter Mechanic in Florida? Would be nice if in the Orlando area, but willing to drive for a trusted one. Or someone that has a scanner that can read the codes would be fine too!
  2. K

    Seattle German Auto Center

    I had a great experience with this shop while travelling through Seattle. Seattle German Auto Center 3201 NE 145TH ST, SEATTLE, WA 98155 206-361-2222 They diagnosed a harmonic balancer problem, they had to hustle to find the part & they put it in quickly. Walked me through the damaged...
  3. S

    whining/whistling noise

    Hi all - I had my van in the shop last week and now it’s making a new noise. I wonder if you guys might be able to diagnose it. The noise kicked in after a few hours of highway driving. It generally starts when I pass about 60 mph. Acceleration and deceleration don’t seem to matter, but speed...
  4. B

    Reputable/Affordable Sprinter Mechanic

    Hi All, 2002 158" HT Freightliner Sprinter 3500 110,000 miles I registered for this site a while back but for some reason never used it. Stupid Me. I will be on the road come April '19. I bought my Sprinter Aug '17. I have kept up with basic maintenance duties but its time to go deep. I have...
  5. K

    Las Vegas Mechanic Recommendations

    My 2006 Roadtrek Adventurous with about 106, 000 miles has begun to have transmission trouble. It’s an automatic.The Engine races without slipping into the next gear as it ought to until I pull back on the throttle quickly, then it suddenly drops into gear. It, so far, finally engages and runs...
  6. Y

    Sprinter Service in KY 2003 Head Gasket?

    Looking for someone to get my new to me sprinter road worthy. I have oil in the coolant reservoir. No foamy white residue on dip stick. So, head gasket?
  7. theOMsound

    Changing Inner Tie Rod Tools - HELP!

    Hi everyone! There's already some good info on this but I didn't see much related to specific tools. I have a 2006 T1N and the inner tie rods need changing. SO. What tools do I need for this job? I'm mechanically inclined, but very new to the Sprinter world and this is my first big-ish...
  8. T

    Best Shops/Mechanics in Ottawa and Elsewhere

    Hi All, I've read with envy about places in the US and in western Canada that are trustworthy. Can anyone recommend (with a degree of certainty) a reputable mechanic in Ottawa for a 2003 T1N? Other places in Ontario? Thanks in advance.
  9. B

    Mechanic in Ft. Collins, CO?

    Any recommendations for a mechanic in or near Ft. Collins or Loveland, CO would be appreciated. Our '04 has been struggling with starts in the colder temps & I believe we may need to install a block heater.
  10. S

    Bay area sprinter mechanic

    Does anybody know of a good sprinter mechanic in the bay area? Or more specifically around the peninsula area? Thanks
  11. W

    Used parts in London, ON

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can find some used parts for my Sprinter? Also looking for a reputable mechanic in London, Ontario. Any direction would be appreciated. Thank you.
  12. A

    HELP- Black Death! or leaky fuel injector

    I noticed my van was not running smooth when idling like it use to, and also a strong smell coming through to the cab. So took it into a mechanic, and straight away informed me of the term 'black death' which he followed by saying ' yes it is as bad as it sounds'! Now looking on the internet...
  13. R

    New Jersey Sprinter Service?

    Hello, Im new to this forum and I have a question. Besides going to dealerships for service and repair, are their any service centers I can go to in north new jersey to service my sprinters? it would be a plus if i could find a service center that can take more than one at a time if need be.
  14. P

    Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good Sprinter mechanic in the San Francisco Bay Area? We live in The City and were going to Hayward to Hartzeim, but they have gone out of business. I just called the next closest dealer which is in Richmond and they are double the price we were paying...

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