1. B

    Still looking for my perfect sprinter 1997 140" 412d manual

    Ive been looking for the perfect sprinter to convert for about a year now. Ive got a lead on on for 10-12k with 240k kms (150 miles). From the research I've heard people say the 2006 is the best t1n because they had time to iron out any defects. This year, engine, and manual transmission I'm...
  2. R

    Sprinter T1N Manual transmission swap parts

    Hey guys, haven't been on here in quite a while, but a couple years back when I thought I was having problems with my transmission in my 2005 T1N, I purchased a manual 5 speed transmission swap from a guy in Europe and had it sent over. Transmission, pedals, clutch reservoir, shifter and cables...
  3. qcsi

    service manual pdf

    Does anyone have any experience with this website? They are offering a MB Sprinter service manual in pdf for sale. It looks like it would be well worth the price if it is legitimate.
  4. E

    Quality Awning Wanted for 3500 17 ext.

    Hi, I am looking for a really nice awning for the side and back (if there is such a thing) for my 2017 3500 170 ext sprinter. Thanks!
  5. flman

    Xentry C3, Adapt, Force Regen, Clear codes, diagnostic procedures, etc.

    So I got my Xentry C3 Chinese clone, and it works great. Can read fault codes and bring up repair procedures. Can adapt new parts as needed. Can force a Regen. The only problem was the plug was not for a standard US outlet, that is easily fixed by twisting the Hot and N prongs, the ground needs...
  6. T

    Using the FSM manual to match up diagrams with fuses

    So I'm currently dealing with four separate DTCs: 2978-002 : Y27/13 (Exhaust gas recirculation cooling solenoid valve) - Short circuit to ground 2527-002 Y27/11 (Exhaust gas recirculation positioner) - Short circuit to ground 2526-004 Y77/1 (Boost pressure regulator) - Signal line is...
  7. A

    Best repair/maintenance manual for MB 2010 Sprinter

    I'm in the US and desparately trying to find a Haynes style manual or source to attain to being taking over service on my 2010 MB Sprinter (2500) The $500+ glorified Oil Change services at the dealership are killing me and I want a reliable source to walk me through some of the simpler things...
  8. D

    Diagnostic Manuals?! Same as Service Manual or Not?

    Hello all, I have a buddy here in Guyana and his Sprinter 2005 T1N is giving him serious grief (I'll post on that later and hope like hell someone can help us out there too) :bow: However, first we have a running dispute about the existence of a "Diagnostic" or "Professional Workshop" manual...
  9. S

    Need 2007 Dodge Sprinter Owners Manual

    I have 2007 Sprinter Van and missing the Owners manual. I have search at Chrysler Group LLC official site even at but nothing. Anyone have please share with me.
  10. S

    02'! Ran Great, now has lost Power!

    Recently got to Southern California. Since i have been here, the van has had a super hard time making up hills or even gettin' up and goin' (seems like it wants to stay in a high gear, or may have a vacuum leak). Even down shifting the van i can tell that there is some type of loss of power...

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