1. van_bae


    Hi there! I am VAN BAE also known as Alix and it is a pleasure to meet you all ;) I have been selling Mercedes-Benz Vans for almost 9 years in the Northeast, but not only do I sell vans, but I am an enthusiast who eat, sleeps, dreams, breathes VANS. I have a HUGE clientele, some of you may know...
  2. P

    Looking for an ELW or Pre-paid Maintenance plan?

    Just sending out a shout out to Jeff Jackson of MB of Louisville for an outstanding price and assistance. If you are in the market, please give him a shot as he was significantly lower in price on everything from my three local dealers. His info is listed below. Just throwing it out for...
  3. C

    1 YR & 20K

    Good morning all, I am looking at a 2019 Sprinter 144, High Roof, 2WD. I know the book says maintenance should be done at 1 YR or 20K. Is this reasonable? Are people doing maintenance more frequently than that? Will I be doing damage to the Sprinter by using this maintenance interval? Thanks! Carl
  4. J

    Dodge vs Sprinter

    I am in the market for a Sprinter, probably 2010-2014 to meet budget. However, I am still unclear as to whether the Dodge will save me money on maintenance and repairs? I'm mostly looking at MBs, but now considering going for an older Dodge if it will be more cost efficient in the long run. Thanks!
  5. CrispysonofA

    Sitting Van Service Checklist

    So I recently acquired a 2006 sprinter that had been sitting for 2+ years, got it started and now I am looking at doing some preventative maintenance to it as I hope to put it in service in the near future. It has 145,000 on the clock. Just looking for opinions/input, So far my checklist is...
  6. S

    My 2006 2500 just hit 200k!! What extra maintenance procedures should I do?

    So I'm going to change all the fluids and filters. I'll also check the hoses while I'm at it. Is there anything else that should be done at 200k? ------------------------------- 2006 Dodge 2500 118'' WB
  7. S

    2014 View with 2013 chassis, 20k miles change fuel filter?

    Hello All, 2014 View with 2013 chassis, 20k miles, is it necessary to change fuel filter? I saw in one manual online and it says every 10k miles and asked dealer and dealer said 40k miles, what schedule do you all follow? Smokey
  8. P

    Keep DEF full to the cap - Recommendation from Freightliner/Sprinter Service Manager

    I thought I would pass along a recommendation my Sprinter Service Manager shared with me. He said he's now recommending to his customers to keep the DEF tank full to the cap. He said the DEF crystallization issues in partially filled tanks are causing problems particularly as the vehicles get...
  9. J

    Cost of Maintenance Data Collecting

    Hey everyone! You probably get this a lot, but I'm considering buying a Sprinter. I'm considering a pre-2007 (I've heard they're more reliable/ less finicky) with around 100k and I want to get all the numbers down for cost comparison with other vans before I make my choice. I'm a touring...
  10. T

    Maintenance guide & price

    Hey guys i'm looking into getting a sprinter and the most common thing I read is that you have to maintain them and repairs cost a lot. I'm trying to get a loose outline of things that should be done and the general cost of them. Having a better understanding will help me determine what i'll be...
  11. V

    Sprinter prepaid Maintenance plan worth the $$$?

    Hello All, I have never posted in a forum before so I apologize if this is bad form. I have been reading this forum a lot and you guys seem to be "in the know". We are to pick up a 2015 Sprinter passenger van for the family today after waiting for 5 months and borrowing cars to get us by. I...
  12. Custommm

    Fridge Flue pipe cleaning ?

    I try to understand how to clean the flue pipe and chemney on the Fridge that come with our Unity (On the Unity with removable Freezer compartment (Dometic RM8555 ) But Everything seem to be quite sealed (see pictures).... Anyone know how to maintain this expensive piece of equipment...
  13. W

    Questions from a newbie

    New to the Forum and to Sprinters. I have looked at the postings for New Owners as well as Tips for buying a used Sprinter and have found them to be very helpful. I have been looking for a 2004 to 2006 Sprinter Passenger van and have found a 2004 that I am considering buying. It does not...
  14. M

    High mile maintenance???

    Hello people. I have a 2006 sprinter 2500 with 420,000 miles and wondering if theres any type of special maintenance i should do. I change oil, fuel, and transmission filters along with the air fiter every 30,000 miles or so.
  15. E

    Replacing Turbo Resonator

    New Sprinter owner here, not new to diesels. Thanks to all who make the learning curve a bit easier! I have a 2006, 3500, 34000 mi, 2.7, runs great, impressive really. Been hearing a lot about the resonator and am interested in hearing opinion on replacing it even though it's fine.. And where...
  16. C

    2006: All maintenance information?

    Hi boys, I'm new to the forums. I just bought a second Dodge Sprinter: 2006, 140" WB, 2500. It was used, at 92,500 miles. Besides an oil change 2k miles ago, I have no information available about the past service records. Can anyone with a great deal of Sprinter experience please list all the...

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