1. hutchski

    LHM reset without key fob?

    I had a coolant explosion (cracked reservoir) that I patched with JB Weld but I can't seem to get the van out of LHM or maybe I am coincidentally experiencing a new problem at the same time, wouldn't that be my luck?? I saw on a previous thread the key / lock trick to reset LHM but it didn't...
  2. A

    Injector Diagnosis and Systematic Repair Procedures

    Hi, Firstly, this site has been super helpful in understanding how to DIY and work on a TN1 Sprinter Van. Thanks for being a super helpful community and I intend to return the favor as my knowledge on Sprinters grow. I posted a few days ago about being stuck in a parking lot (P0087 limp mode)...
  3. A

    Stranded in parking lot, no start limp mode, P0087

    Hey guys! New member here with novice automechanic background. I recently purchased a 2005 Mercedes/Dodge 2500 sprinter and have been driving it around the west coast with minimal problems. Anyway, we are now stuck in a parking lot and I am attempting to fix the issue. Ive learned a lot as a...
  4. P

    EGR Help

    First of all I would like to say hello.Im new to this GREAT site...........Does any one know if a bad EGR valve will cause a LHM? Its a 2006 dodge sprinter 2500 l5.the code im getting is a P2355 and also the valve it self make a real loud sound and i can not clear the DTC.It will crank a run...
  5. L

    Dash light & Tail ligh not working

    Does anyone have an idea why the dash light come on for only a few seconds then cut off when van is started.. also it don't work when i turn on the head lights.. I check the number plate and it is the only light that also don't work but the bulb are fine..any ideas..thanks..

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