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    Hey guys! I have a question about SRS and limp mode. First, will the SRS trigger limp mode? Also, I just replaced my clockspring with an OEM, and I still have no consistent horn. It only works intermittently, when the wheel is cranked to either side, and the SRS light still persists. Any...
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    Cleaned my sticky EGR valve and now it doesn't work at all.

    My 2004 2500 only had issues going up some steeper hills in the summer heat, and not even all hills at that point. I decided to see if my EGR was beginning to gunk up. I removed it, saw that it was slightly sticky, but mostly clean. After I cleaned it, the fins snapped back successfully like...
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    This problem has been plaguing us for the past 8000 miles or so. 2015 3500 3.0 Cylinder Symptoms Engine light has come on & off intermittently. It seems to go into Limp mode every two hours or so and it seems to be motivated by steepish grades. What we've done so far: We had done the...
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    Stranded in parking lot, no start limp mode, P0087

    Hey guys! New member here with novice automechanic background. I recently purchased a 2005 Mercedes/Dodge 2500 sprinter and have been driving it around the west coast with minimal problems. Anyway, we are now stuck in a parking lot and I am attempting to fix the issue. Ive learned a lot as a...
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    Limp mode with P0720 Output Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit, P0404 EGR "A" Control Cir

    Limp mode with P0720 Output Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit, P0404 EGR "A" Control Cir Hi Guys, I bought a 2008 Sprinter 3500 Van with 220,000 km and gives me these errors : 1. P0720 Output Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit 2. P0404 EGR "A" Control Circuit Range/Performance and the van does not have...
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    Turbo Issues - LHM

    I have a 2007 V6 3.0L Sprinter with approximately 253,000 miles. I drive this daily. I had an issue a couple months ago where I went into Limp Home Mode (LHM). When I had previously done an oil change and fuel filter change I noticed that the air intake hose going from the air filter to the...
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    P0299 code with limp mode after trans service

    Recently had a blown trans cooler line and so I replaced the radiator and turbo lines and drained and filled trans with filter change. Upon startup after putting everything back together I'm getting limp mode and p0299. If I cycle key while driving I get turbo boost back for about 3 minutes...
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    Troublesome limp mode on 2006 315CDI

    Hi everyone, I am experiencing serious issues fixing a limp mode happening with my NCV3 10/2006 315CDI sprinter here in Europe (Belgium). Maybe there will be some suggestions out there about what to do? It has 210,000km and is equipped with the OM646 engine (2,148 cc, 148 hp). This model is...
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    Mystery Oil Leak and Limp Mode

    Hey all, I'm trying this forum out as a last ditch effort to save my dream of converting a Sprinter van into a camper/home on wheels to drive across country with. I sold my Jeep and bought a used 2008 Dodge Sprinter Hightop 2500 V6 3l diesel with 65,000 miles on it. After having it a month or so...
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    Limp Mode?

    Some of you have referred to "limp mode" in your posts. Is that what I am experiencing? I started my 2008 2500 (39,000 miles) after two months of storage. It started right up but the "check engine" light was on. After warming the water temp up to 137 F, I backed it out of the garage and down an...
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    2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 3.0 Mercedes turbo diesel loss of power issue

    I thought I might contribute to this forum in hopes that my experience would help someone else. I had problems with the turbo and loss of power. Seems the turbo would kick out and I would have trouble keeping speed going up hills. I think it's commonly known as "limp mode?" It also wouldn't...
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    Engine stalling or limp mode when starting

    My 2005 2500 has been in the shop now over 3 weeks attempting to fix a problem where almost every time I start the van it either starts and putters/shakes until it stalls out or seems fine until you try and accelerate and the tac wont go above 1000 RPMs and speed it limited to about 5 mph. The...
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    2003 dodge sprinter limp mode with no codes or MIL need direction

    Hello I have a 2003 sprinter with 320,000 miles on the clock we just replaced the PCM for an internal short that was causing all kind of problems (black smoke, no power, poor starting, and something like 25 codes) the new PCM is in and programmed truck starts and runs good now tried to take it...
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    2005 2500 - limp mode at 190f engine temp

    Goes to 2300 rpm when hot... does anyone have info on best service shops in AZ CO NM SD MN ???
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    2011 mb sprinter loss of power

    2011 mb sprinter 2500 loss of power heres the codes p2463 #07e8. P2bad p246b p042d p170400 p11d700 p13af00 p11a700 p106100 9013 4d2e 90a6 9100 customer was stuck in california dealer took a look at it verified dpf of good so is the cat they said it could be a knock sensor but they cleared the...
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    Replaced both turbo hoses. What's next?

    I have a 2007 2500 with a Roadtrek RS conversion on it. I've got about 25000 miles and just had to replace first one and then the other turbo hose. I was in in LHM both times but able to get to the dealer the next day for repair. What else can I look for or expect as I approach end of warranty...

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