1. leighsjor

    My T1N LED Ditch Light Mounting Brackets

    I have a friend who has ditch lights mounted to his Toyota Tacoma and after seeing them I realized that it would be pretty cool to mount these type of lights to the T1N sprinter for any of those back road adventures (deer are a big problem around a lot of places that I go). After scouring the...
  2. M

    Are all NCV3 tail lights compatible?

    Hi, Looking to replace some tail light assemblies on my 08 Dodge Sprinter. Found the TYC aftermarket ones. This one says it fits 07-16 This one says it only fits 10-14...
  3. M

    Right brake light out

    In the process of converting a used 2008 dodge sprinter 3500. Have a warning light whenever I depress brake pedal; the right brake light does not come on when I press the pedal. We have figured out that it is not a bulb or a fuse. Tried splicing the right wire into the left wire (tiny 18awg by...
  4. wdavi014

    Blown fuse on cargo lights?

    Hey everyone, While removing one of the cargo lights (middle, port side) that was switched on, part of the light touched the metal frame and I think I blew a fuse. The tail lights no longer work either. Anyone know what happened and how to fix it? The fuses under the seat looked OK, but I'm not...
  5. S

    2011 Sprinter Reverse Lights Funky

    So I've been having issues with the reverse lights on my 2011 Sprinter :thinking: Running out of ideas so hope someone here might have heard of the problem. Symptoms: All of the other tail lights work normally. When I put the van in reverse the reverse lights flash twice and go off. However...
  6. Thenewguy

    Help installing backup camera with reverse light relay

    My experience is very limited. So, I've gotta ask, I bought a simple relay, and I want to wire my rearview camera into my reverse light power. Is there a specific wire under the driver's seat of my 2005 t1n to connect it and ground the relay? Thanks.
  7. A

    Help! Cargo Lighting Issue

    Hello. I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter Cargo Van that has convenience lighting in the rear that illuminates whenever the doors are opened. A few days ago, I accidentally shorted one of the lights when I was attempting to install insulation behind the fixture. The entire rear lighting system no...
  8. B

    Ex Ambo fluro lights 12v or 240v?

    Hey, This one is confusing me a bit, I hooked up the fluro lights in the roof and they just buzz at a really high pitch, I just assumed they would be 12v, the 2 little bulbs either end in the unit are 12v, so I can't see any reason why the fluro's wouldn't be 12v, but they don't work. Is there...
  9. R

    dry radiator

    Hey guys need a little help here... I have an '08 2500 with about 90K on her. Recently the coolant light on the dash comes on when I first start it. after a key cycle the light goes off. So today I figured I was going to change the coolant, maybe just add some. So i read some previous posts all...
  10. L

    Help needed to replace a light bulb!

    Hello folks! We have a 1993 Sprinter model 212D and we have damaged the right hand (looking from the cab) front indicator housing. We have bought a new part, but when we came to fit it we could not work out how to get the old one out. It looks like we might have to remove the headlight to get...

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