1. imsebastian

    Cleaning EGR to hopefully fix LHM - anything else to inspect?

    Hey Folks- I'm the second owner of a well used 2007 Freightliner Sprinter, 3.0 V6 OM642 ~184k miles. Since getting the van I've replaced the rear end with a remanufactured unit, replaced the turbo (horrible shaft play), replaced the intake manifolds (swirl valve problems), glow plugs...
  2. hutchski

    LHM reset without key fob?

    I had a coolant explosion (cracked reservoir) that I patched with JB Weld but I can't seem to get the van out of LHM or maybe I am coincidentally experiencing a new problem at the same time, wouldn't that be my luck?? I saw on a previous thread the key / lock trick to reset LHM but it didn't...
  3. C

    Help with some codes and LHM

    2009 sprinter , 280,000 miles, has been going into LHM intermittently, but more often that not. If that makes sense. Replaced the turbo resonator, and the red gasket at the turbo. New air filter, new fuel filter, new oil change with approved oil. Codes I get are: Confiirmed: P006C - MAP...
  4. N

    Chasing an elusive Limp Home Mode - underboost and overboost codes

    I've been chasing the cause of LHM in my 05 T1N 3500, 130,000 miles. I figured I'd dump my progress so far here and keep everyone up to date for when I find the solution, and for the ones on here with much experience with this common problem, I could really use some help. Here's how things...
  5. J

    Towing, No Power LHM.

    Not Really sure where to post this, but here goes. I own a 2017 Jayco Melbourne 24L which is based on a Sprinter 3500 with a 3L v6 Diesel and auto transmission. I tow a 2012 Mini Cooper as our toad/dinghy. The Sprinter is a 2016 model and is under warranty with about 2200 miles on it. I have...
  6. G

    P22A1 code, CEL light, lost power on upgrade

    I bought my 6 cyl 2011 used with 114k miles with a CEL light lit and a NOx sensor code and naively assumed it would be a cheap fix (I previously drove Fords and for the most part did my own minor repairs and maintenance). After belated research, I had it professionally replaced and drove the...
  7. C

    No Boost and Live data Help Needed.

    Recently purchased a 2006 Sprinter. We knew going in the EGR was throwing a fault and likely needed to be cleaned/replaced. It was very dirty and clogged so we replaced rather than cleaning it. Unsure if the old resonator was causing any issues so we replaced with the aluminum eliminator that...
  8. J

    Turbo Issues - LHM

    I have a 2007 V6 3.0L Sprinter with approximately 253,000 miles. I drive this daily. I had an issue a couple months ago where I went into Limp Home Mode (LHM). When I had previously done an oil change and fuel filter change I noticed that the air intake hose going from the air filter to the...
  9. V

    Troublesome limp mode on 2006 315CDI

    Hi everyone, I am experiencing serious issues fixing a limp mode happening with my NCV3 10/2006 315CDI sprinter here in Europe (Belgium). Maybe there will be some suggestions out there about what to do? It has 210,000km and is equipped with the OM646 engine (2,148 cc, 148 hp). This model is...
  10. P

    P0191 fuel rail - OBD Fusion

    2014 V6 I’ve had my sprinter for about 4 months...$3000 into the DEF system and now I’m getting a whole new set of problems. I don’t even know where to begin to find the fuel rail pressure sensor. Obviously I should have already gotten the workshop manual but here I am, almost broke with not...
  11. G

    Engine Replacement

    Hello All, I own a 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 with 245,000 miles that needs a new engine. According to my mechanic a connecting rod broke while he was test driving it attempting to diagnose my LHM issue. He quoted me 12,000 to get it replaced with a used motor and that is well above my budget. I...
  12. W

    Stranded in transmission full protect mode

    My 2003 T1N is stranded in a state carpool parking lot in Saginaw, Michigan, about an hour's drive from my home. The problem arose very suddenly. Leaving a parking lot I felt a small lurch in a low-speed forward gear. About 20 miles of city driving later the engine lost connection to the wheels...
  13. S

    Mechanic Recommendation - Louisville, KY

    Hello! New to the forum, diesel, and Sprinter ownership. Looking for a recommendation for a local (Louisville, KY) Sprinter specialist who can help me diagnose/fix my 2002 Freightliner 2500 SHC that I just got and that is in LHM. Seems to run fine otherwise. Also looking for miscellaneous...
  14. G

    Stuck in Limp Home Mode (LHM) - multiple DTCs

    This started a week ago on my way up to Oregon to see the total eclipse. The too long/didn't read version is this: my tailpipe emitted some black smoke, and I lost almost all my power (no turbo) while trying to get over the Sierras (I-80/Donner Summit). I made it back home in limp home mode. Now...
  15. M

    Stuck in LHM in Rochester NY

    My 2006 is stuck in LHM, I'm in need of a scanner. My cell is 585-690-0934 and email is markwderthick@gmail.com. Thanks
  16. E

    Cracked turbo hose fix (adap09)

    EuropartSD lists the above "adapter" as a preventive fix for an (allegedly) failure prone component. Apparently this failure throws vehicle into LHM. Anyone have any experience or further info on this "fix". Thanks in advance///Ed
  17. T

    MAF Cleaning and Diagnostics

    So I'm dealing with a recurrent Low Turbo Boost in a different thread and am now looking at sensors after first concentrating on pressure integrity. That thread is here: https://sprinter-source.com/experi/index.php?threads/47844/ I'm posting this here because it's a more general question and...
  18. A

    Stalling. Re-Post in correct area.

    :yell:Hi to all, as I'm new and referred by Doktor A. My symptoms are: Starts fine everytime, then dies while driving. A quick put in to neutral while rolling, crank, starts again. Drives awhile (few minutes) then dies or hits what I think is the limp mode. Dies, restarts, then might, and I...
  19. SewerRatz

    Turbo Vane Control Error Code P2359

    Ok here is the jist of what's going on. During the super cold my radiator had split at the seam in the bottle just below the radiator cap, and my alternator decided to die. I had the dealer replace the radiator and the alternator. After they were done they informed me that my transmission was...
  20. S

    No passing gear

    So a few weeks ago I was coming up a mountain and the engine in my 2003 Sprinter T1N blew up. Breached cylinder - oil cap blew off, the works. Fast forward I got a new (used) engine put in by Mercedes. They called me today to tell me everything is working except for whatever reason it isn't...

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