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  1. J

    Mercedes Sprinter 2018 cargo interior LED lights

    Hey guys, been struggling to rid myself of some new stock LED light for Sprinters and was wondering if anyone on here would know of anyone or anywhere I could sell them cheaply. Have seen them going for £25 for a set of 3 (one switched and two plain) but won't be looking for anymore than £5 for...
  2. C

    Let's see your interior lighting

    I hope this isn't too early in my forum life but I think it would be great to have some lighting pics in this forum. Let's see 'em. It's the one room in my life that I have complete control and I would like to see what others have done to spruce theirs up. Here is my stock interior lighting soon...
  3. S

    LED cannot order?

    Hi Trying to factory order a 4x4 but cannot order LED's. Told the vehicle too high for this option. I'm in the UK so not sure whether this is a local issue or EU wide.
  4. Montucky

    Shameless Self-Promotion Dimmer Switch

    I'm an engineer, and as I'm building my van I often run across build goals where I can't find the solution off the shelf, so I just design it myself and either build it myself or sub it out to manufacturers that I use for my clients. In this case, I was looking for a small recessed dimmer mount...
  5. E

    NCV3 2017 MC3AE6 Wiring Diagrams and Schematics, Switches etc.

    I realize I've cross posted and that this should be here and not in the general Sprinter discussion. Sorry for that! I trust the admins will appropriately remove this from the other page. NCV3 2017 MC3AE6 Wiring Diagrams and Schematics, Switches etc. Hi, Still being new here, I am in the...
  6. E

    NCV3 2017 MC3AE6 Wiring Diagrams and Schematics, Switches etc.

    Hi, Still being new here, I am in the process of attempting to up-fit my 2017 NCV3 M3CAE6 3500 170 Ext. cargo and turn it into an ideal contractor's work van. Being that we often get caught in the dark and have to finish up site work or even just pack up after sunset, it is my intention to...
  7. W

    LED marker lights on trailer flashing

    I have a 2017 Winnebago View that I use to pull my new boat and trailer. The marker lights flash faintly on the trailer even when all systems are off and key is removed. Winnebago says it’s a Mercedes problem. Local Mercedes dealer is stumped as to the cause. Obviously there’s a voltage leak...
  8. qcsi

    LED replacement bulbs

    Just replaced all of the interior dome light bulbs with LED's. The seemingly brighter light is a plus however the LED's continue to glow after the doors are shut and the vehicle is parked. The bulbs glow is ever so slight but I am worried that if the van sits for a couple of days the battery...
  9. D

    Will this LED light setup burn my van down?

    I just added LED lights to the ceiling of my van and would like to hook them up to the 12v output of my Goal Zero Yeti 150. I know very little about electrical and would like to know if this setup is going to catch fire and kill me: I have 6 LEDs...
  10. G

    Reading Light Replacement-LED

    I have a 2008 RS with four reading lights like the one in the picture. All of the back pin LED replacements I have seen will not fit from the rear, and I have not been able to remove the swivel/lens part from the front. Has anyone found a suitable LED bulb that will fit from the rear or...
  11. W

    Looking for LED Backup Lights Check These Babies OUT

    hey all I just got my LED lights installed and tested today. I have not completed the wiring to the relays and the PSM but shortly on that. The lights are 2 x 60W LED light bars (6x10W Cree LEDS) about 3-4A each I will be installing a switch for each one to operate them indipendantly if...

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