1. XYZdayz

    Any downsides to using eternabond tape on the roof longterm?

    I am redoing a 2005 sprinter van roof after discovering leaks in the seams and around fans, skylight and vents. After reinstalling everything, applying sealants (Diacor around the fan and skylight and sikaflex 221 on the seams), I am considering covering the sealants with eternabond tape as an...
  2. imsebastian

    Leaking fluid inner rim rear passenger wheel and rumble strip noise

    Hey folks, I noticed a leak within my inner rim on the rear passenger wheel. Recently I had my entire rear diff replaced, and a new brake line ran to this wheel because it was corroding. It doesn't look like the caliper is leaking, could this be something with the rumble strip noise I'm...
  3. XYZdayz

    Installing a fan and skylight when there are square metal frames welded underneath the roof skin???

    Any suggestion for this fan and skylight install? There is a 1 -1/2" square metal tube frame welded into the roof supports around the 14"x 14" roof penetration for the fan (also for a skylight) I bought a frame adapter for the roof ribs and the instructions says "you only want the screw to...
  4. XYZdayz

    How do you fill a gap around a roof vent pipe before putting on the vent cap

    Any suggestions on how to fill the gap in a 2" pipe and 2 1/2" hole in roof vent before putting on the cap. These are for the vents for the black and grey water tanks. Photos attached. I was thinking of backer rod and sealant or maybe spray foam before putting on the a siphon 360 cap? Thanks
  5. XYZdayz

    Gap in frame underneath skylight and fan

    Hi Any suggestions on what to do about a gap between a steel frame underneath the fan and skylight opening and the metal roof? Because of past leaks, I am completely redoing the roof and ceiling. (ugh) When I eventually screw down the skylight or fan frame seems the metal roof would flex down...
  6. S

    Brand New 2020 Windshield Leak

    So we were supposed to pick up our brand new 2020 Sprinter Cargo 144” today (ordered it many months ago & put deposit down) but got a call from dealership yesterday that there was a water leak coming from the windshield and they would need to replace the windshield. I stopped in there this...
  7. skyeg3

    2005 Drinking Coolant

    Hello All. I've done quite a bit of research on these forums but still unsure of where to start and how much I should be worried about my van failing me. I have a 2005 sprinter (217k miles) that I use a few times a week as my main mobility. The Van has been drinking coolant for a few years now...
  8. C

    T1N - Cracked Head Leaking Coolant

    Hey guys, Back in June I purchased a 2005 3500 Sprinter with 190k miles and I have had to take in to the shop 2 times since then for repairs to the engine. The first time was because of a hole in the valve cover that the previous owner repaired with JB Weld and an aluminum pop can. It's a long...
  9. A

    Injector Diagnosis and Systematic Repair Procedures

    Hi, Firstly, this site has been super helpful in understanding how to DIY and work on a TN1 Sprinter Van. Thanks for being a super helpful community and I intend to return the favor as my knowledge on Sprinters grow. I posted a few days ago about being stuck in a parking lot (P0087 limp mode)...
  10. C

    Hole in valve cover. Posting so you can get a laugh at my misfortune.

    So I just spent weeks looking for a 2004-2006 T1N Sprinter and I finally pulled the trigger on one. I found it online and it looked good enough to make a 10 hour drive to see. I did all my research and even took it to a very reputable sprinter mechanic in the area for a PPI and was told...
  11. M

    Identifying source of coolant leak

    Hi all, I have a 2003 158" (OM 612 engine) and have recently discovered what looks like a coolant leak that's dripping from the engine down onto the front of the transmission. There's fluid accumulating on the cross-member and transmission, and I'm getting an intermittent low coolant warning...
  12. P

    Factory Roof Seams Leaking - Easy Weld Sticks?

    I found some wet areas around the headliner of my 2004 T1N. After investigating and pulling some insulation out I found the source of the leak - the factory roof seams. I see that people use alot of different methods to fix including paints and caulks. But I want something that won't rear its...
  13. C

    Radiator reservoir leak and delaying the inevitable

    Hey all, hoping for a bit of mechanical wisdom. I have a 2002 with 250k miles on it. I’m pretty sure the reservoir has been leaking the whole time I’ve owned it, but has possibly gotten worse over time. I tried to patch with JB putty, but like others around here, the leak persisted. The leak...
  14. H

    fitting a cassette toilet door in a curved side of a sprinter

    Hi all I recently got to the toilet door installation on my van conversion. With the hole quite low on the side of the van with maybe 1/3 of door is in the plastic panel. This part of the van is very curved which left large spaces to be filled with sikaflex 221. I only installed the top pair of...
  15. R

    Nozzle spraying fuel all over [OM612] engine... any clues?!

    Hello folks... there's a little connection right at the front of my engine spraying fuel all over the place... any ideas if this is something i can DIY... (without too much skills.) or do i need a pro?! thanks https://ibb.co/mh2Zb8W
  16. J

    How bad is this turbo leak?

    Hi Forum, I have a new-to-me Sprinter, 2002 high top, 158", former FedEx I'm making the rounds, doing maintenance and trying to get a feel of what's alright and what's all wrong with this particular van. In my search, I have found a oil leaking from the turbo. It's not a TON, and I'm not...
  17. D

    leaking thru the bathroom vent

    On a recent trip to the coast here in southern Oregon, I encountered a significant rain/wind storm. Great fun watching the waves crashing on the shore. I discovered water leaking into the bathroom through the manually opening vent (it was closed). The water was some how getting in then...
  18. V

    A/C is leaking

    Hey gang, My 2002 Dodge Freightliner Sprinter A/C is leaking into the passenger side cab. I only bought it a year ago with 205K miles on it. The A/C itself works great. It looks like an old problem, since after I pulled up the floor mats there was quite a bit of rust. Does anybody know how and...
  19. Kuba8

    Melbourne sprinter mechanics to fix oil cooler leak on v6

    Hi All, Have an issue with the 2009 v6 ambo that I got through auction. It has an oil leak and so far have replaced the rear main seal but that did not help. It is probably this problem. https://sprinter-source.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36268 Oil cooler leak. This is a big job. So far...
  20. Z

    Diagnosing Early Black Death

    I'm looking for some help in diagnosing the early stages of black death. If the injector seal begins leaking, where does the leak occur? Also, what does the black sludge consist of? Just a mixture of fuel and soot? I think the injector wells on my sprinter are pretty clean, but the #3 and #4...

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