1. C

    Custom wall process

    I currently have 2 vertical L-tracks and 1 horizontal L-track spanning the distance between the two L-tracks, essentially an L-track 'H' on each side of the van. I would like to make (remake) panels to insert between the tracks. I am wondering how did you all go about creating custom walls for...
  2. C

    Spacer between L-Track and Sheet Metal

    Hello, I plan on placing two vertical L-tracks on both the passenger and driver side of my van. I would like these tracks to sit flush on the sheet metal. The issue I have is that the lower portion of the van's sheet metal is recessed relative to the top portion. This distance between the top...
  3. GHansen

    Sold Adventure Wagon Mule Bags

    For sale: Three 47" Adventure Wagon Mule Bags in green camouflage nylon. Also included if desired are four L-track pieces (124.5", 122", 65.5" and 64") along with ten mounting knobs/bolts and a quantity of stainless steel allen-head screws that had been used to fasten the L-track to to Rivnuts...
  4. S

    Removing L-tracks

    Hi all, I'm in the process of stripping down the van before the actual build. I've got some L-Tracks installed along the walls which are a bit tough to remove. After drilling one rivet, i tried to see if i can get a crowbar between the l-track and the van wall, just to see if i'm making...
  5. T

    L Track noise

    I am wondering if anyone has heard noises from their L track. Does vibration cause any rattling at the L track connectors? I am looking into using L track for my bed frame as well as for mounting cabinets. Thank you :cheers:
  6. mugget

    L-track for composite floor panel: recessed or standard track mounted on top??

    Hey all, I'm getting to the stage where I need to order my L-track and get things moving along! I had planned to use recessed L-track, this would give a really minimal bump in the floor - IMO so much neater and easier to live with especially when manoeuvring anything around inside the...
  7. 1

    Mounting L-Tracks to walls, over liner, below windows in '04 144'' High Roof

    Mounting L-Tracks to walls, over liner, below windows in '04 144'' High Roof I have a 144'' high roof passenger van. I have two L-tracks on the floor. What I want to do is add L-tracks underneath the windows, on top of the liner, and possibly the ceilings as well. I found a couple helpful...

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