1. S

    Intermittent delayed power to instrument cluster.

    Hi. First post on the forum. I bought a 2006 tall and long about a year ago and have been slowly fixing it up to turn into a home on wheels. Having a weird issue where the instrument cluster doesn't always light up when the key is on (key is in run position, engine off). Sometimes it is...
  2. D

    New Stereo Install - Power Issue

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum as I just purchased my first Sprinter, a 2007 Dodge Passenger 170WB. Recently I purchased a Pioneer DEH-X6800BS replacement stereo and a Scosche VW01B harness kit to replace the basic factory radio. After I hooked everything up, I could not get power to the unit...
  3. G

    Mile limits to look out for issues?

    Hey guys, Im looking to buy a 2008 sprinter van off craigslist. I plan on having a mechanic come out to check it out (that brings me to a side question- where do i find a mechanic who could look at a Sprinter??) and I was wondering what issues/replacements I should be looking out for in the...
  4. Andy at Focallocal

    2002 WVO convert. engine wont go above 2k revs, starting isses+cut out a few times.

    Hi, i'm planning to drive to Vietnam from the UK in my Sprinter and soo far things arent going well and i'd love some advice. it started driving beautifully, no probs at all for around 2k. Now i have the EDC and pump dashboard lights come on as soon as i switch to WVO and the engine generally...
  5. Andy at Focallocal

    New WVO Convert, EDC Warning Light and power loss - Road Trip London2Vietnam

    Hi, i just finished a 2 tank WVO (Waste Veg Oil) convertion on my '02 Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI LWB and am attempting to drive it from London to Vietnam spreading awareness of my project (Focallocal) to create connection in local communities and spread a wave of happiness everywhere. The van...
  6. M

    Brake issue!

    Idk if this was already but I have a 2003 t1n with brake issues. My brake pedal would sink all the way to the ground and only my driver front caliper would engage and rip the steering wheel to the left. I bled the system 3 times!! All three times there's air in my passenger side brake line...

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