1. B

    Changing interior lights for led

    I want to change out the interior lights for some led, maybe dimmable. have any of you done this before? What’s the proper wattage. What would be great is to remove the old fixtures and put something new on top of my wall panels. But I’m worried about getting the right wattage so I don’t mess...
  2. FindYourPhoenix

    Dometic CFX95

    Just got my CFX95 in and I’m interested in seeing how others have installed this. Hoping to see more 144’s, as this is what I’ve got.
  3. C

    Thick insulated windshield and front windows covers like new (2019+)

    I have a set of front window and windshield covers. They are like new in excellent condition. Comes with a bag. Asking $375 obo. They came on my brand new 2020 rv as a $600 option. They work great except they are extremely bulky. It makes storing difficult with 3 people in the car. I am in...
  4. Briance

    Exciting new post about trim piece options for wood ceiling install

    Hello all! I am currently working on my ceiling and for the most part put it together this last weekend. I was able to procure some beautiful hickory, had it milled and planed to about 1/4 inch ish thick... turned out well. I took out the back trim piece and took the wood all the way to the...
  5. J

    Mercedes Sprinter 2018 cargo interior LED lights

    Hey guys, been struggling to rid myself of some new stock LED light for Sprinters and was wondering if anyone on here would know of anyone or anywhere I could sell them cheaply. Have seen them going for £25 for a set of 3 (one switched and two plain) but won't be looking for anymore than £5 for...
  6. C

    Let's see your interior lighting

    I hope this isn't too early in my forum life but I think it would be great to have some lighting pics in this forum. Let's see 'em. It's the one room in my life that I have complete control and I would like to see what others have done to spruce theirs up. Here is my stock interior lighting soon...
  7. F

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Wanted: 2008 passenger interior trim

    I'm looking for several pieces of interior trim for a 2008 2500 170"wb trim piece(s) covering the pillars behind the driver and front pax seat. These wrap around the pillars and span from floor to ceiling. interior trim surrounding the rear door opening. Probably three pieces: one on each...
  8. wdavi014

    Blown fuse on cargo lights?

    Hey everyone, While removing one of the cargo lights (middle, port side) that was switched on, part of the light touched the metal frame and I think I blew a fuse. The tail lights no longer work either. Anyone know what happened and how to fix it? The fuses under the seat looked OK, but I'm not...
  9. J

    2016 Passenger 144” inside diagram + ac drain tube

    Anyone have images of the interior without headliner or know where the ac drain tubes are routed? Also, recommendations for a local mechanic in Santa Fe and Fort Worth? Thank you.
  10. K

    How are you running interior cables?

    How are you running your interior cables and wiring from front to back? On my cargo van, I've got a plastic sheath that the wiring runs through along the top of the wall. Since I've got a back up camera and will need to run some larger wiring as well, I'm considering options. Wondering what the...
  11. C

    Help? How to Attach Bed Rails to Interior Pillars?

    Hi - I am converting a 2014 144 sprinter passenger van (high-roof) to a "light-touch" (not full conversion) camper van. The idea is to make a van like a VW weekender - sleeps 4 people - but beds can be removed or stowed - so the van can be used for other missions. The plan is to install 2...
  12. B

    Lighting/alarm question

    Hi, I have a 2008 2500 LB with a conversion by Sportsmobile. I just installed an alarm and wanted to tie it into the door lighting but find that the rear and side doors don't activate the entry lighting. Is there a way to tie in the rear and side door switches or reprogram the lighting mod to do...

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