1. AlexPVan

    VS30: 2019+ AdWagon 3M Thinsulate floor insulation

    I have unused 3M floor insulation from Adventure Wagon. It's designed to go into a 2019+ 144" van. Was about $100 from AdWagon -- yours for $50. The box is large but lightweight but costs too much to ship so it's best to have a local pick up. Located in Truckee, CA 96161. PM me.
  2. A

    3M thinsulate - west

    Looking to get a little more thinsulate for my build. Not enough to buy a whole new roll so interested in any leftover that someone might have! Currently in SD and heading to various states so location is flexible. Thanks! Alex
  3. Greta_Van_Gogh

    Fixed Ceiling Window and Cargo Door Insulation

    Hi All, Looking for some input on insulation for two areas of my 170 build. 1. Factory Fixed Rear Windows I have the factory fixed window option. Great for natural light, but not so great for insulation especially one the roof of the van. What would be the best approach to fabricating...
  4. T

    H20 Heat-Absorbing Glass Option; Does it work?

    One of the packages / features / options that was purchased with my van is the "H20 HEAT-ABSORBING GLASS ALL ROUND" It doesn't seem effective at all at blocking heat from the sun. Does anyone else have this on their van, and notice it making a difference? I'm wondering if it just isn't very...
  5. M

    Lizard Skin Ceramic. SO WORTH IT!

    Insulation - Part I. We completed our first layer of insulation by applying a coat of Lizard Skin Ceramic on the interior walls and ceiling. The purpose of this coating is to reduce the thermal transfer of heat from the outside skin of the van to the inside. Lizard Skin claims that the...
  6. cometman

    Extra Thinsulate usage

    I have quite a bit of thinsulate after completing my install. Did the front cab, front doors, rear doors, all the upper ribs & cargo area. I purchased 70 linear feet and was curious if I would gain any substantial benefits doubling up the thinsulate in some area. If not I'll just try to sell...
  7. B

    Just beginning! Advice appreciated

    We just picked up our new 2019 144 cargo yesterday, got an insane deal and we are thrilled to begin! I have read and watched and endless amount of vanlife content...but somehow I feel like I want to double check that I’m on the right track with my order. 1 - maxfan holes/instal rails? 2 -...
  8. G

    Installed a deep cycle auxiliary battery

    I hell freight so I sleep in my van most days. Decided to install a second battery (without isolator because I'm not going to be running fridges and showers, plus I drive at least 300 Miles daily so the batteries won't get a chance to get drained) and insulate the back. The next project is...
  9. travisap

    WORX WX081L ZipSnip Cutting Tool for Thinsulate

    Barely used, overall in "like new" condition. Bought for $28 on amazon. Would sell for $15 + $5-6 for shipping. Reply or message me if interested.
  10. T

    Thinsulate floor - securing problem

    I am building my floor using Thinsulate and plywood and have ran into some problems attaching the floor to the van. I know that floating floors are one option but read the final paragraph for why I don’t like that solution. I have laid down PVC firing strips on the van floor and attached w/...
  11. S

    How to figure out what kind of insulation...

    Looking at a van owned by a guy who had it built by a company who went out of business, so he is unable to get ahold of the builder. He said he doesn't know what kind of insulation was used but he saw it and it looked like a gray felt. As a prospective buyer trying to avoid spray and fiberglass...
  12. G

    Flooring-to insulate or not

    I keep going back and forth about pulling up the factory flooring and putting down some insulation and then plywood floors. Its a lot of extra work, but is it necessary? I lose so much heat through windows and I'm putting in an espar heater. Here's what I want to know...will it help that...
  13. O

    Polyiso Insulation: Foil Side In or Out

    Hi all, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. My 2018 170" WB Sprinter just arrived a week ago and I am beginning my build with floor insulation. I plan to reuse the factory flooring, but first fill the three large ribs with 1/2" of polyiso, then cover the whole floor with an additional...
  14. PotatoVan

    Wall Insulation Gap Question

    07 freightliner We're going with the rigid foam + foam Great Stuff Foam option but I'm noticing on our model (and probably anyones) that the points of contact against the sheet metal and the foam board is going to necessarily leave an air gap. If I fill all the way around the board with Great...
  15. D

    Flooring: Bedrug Vanrug Cargo Mat

    Anyone have experience / feedback using this product as flooring in a van build? Manufacturer gives it an R-4 rating. It's caught my eye since the bottom has matching ribs to fit snug into the van floor. Not sure how soft it is, but wondering if it would be firm enough to create a flat stable...
  16. M

    2011 NCV3 RV Build ~ mountainchimp

    Hello, I want to start a tread on here to document my build as well as to ask questions and get advice along the way. I have read through a lot of the posts on the site and I have learned a lot along the way. I think it will take me around 2 years to do the full build and I am currently at the...
  17. theOMsound

    Floor Insulation

    Hi there! A question about flooring.... We ripped of the old plywood in order to see what was under there so we can soundproof and insulate, as we're semi-converting our van into a touring setup - storage in the back with a row of seats just behind the driver row, and beds up top. We don't need...
  18. C

    Thinsulate sm600L

    Hi, I have Thinsulate sm600L. I'm located in NJ. I have done my van and sold some to a few others so far and have plenty left. Can be picked up or delivered. If interested. Email me at Thanks Ron
  19. S

    Van partition, insulation, paneling and shelving kit Sprinter 2500 High Roof

    Hi, we have created a partition and paneling kit for the 2500 High Roof Sprinter. The process was 3d scanning the interior of the van, drawing each part using CAD software and cutting at the CNC. This can be made to other models. Please let us know if this is of interest to you...
  20. H

    Insulation and moisture mitigation

    So this weekend I plan to purchase my Sprinter and begin the long and rewarding process of converting it into a camper. In all my excitement I have started researching insulation methods but I've ran into a lot of conflicting information and it's unclear to me what I really need to do to stay...

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