1. P

    Air blow off near injector 1 connection

    On my t1n, have an audible and feelable air blowoff (churf churf churf churf....) �� call click and clack! with some slight vapor right in the vicinity of the #1 injector connection at the rail. This is a cold start, increases with engine speed. Still it’s very difficult to...
  2. E

    DRBIII Alternative? injector coding

    2006 OM647. Just replaced injector #1 ... black death, broken hold down bolt, yada yada yada... Only half the copper seal was left. Had a crack in the injector so I replaced with new one. Now it runs with a nice knock. Are there any other tools out there that can reprogram the ECM that will...
  3. J

    Air leak injector learn.

    Hi all, First time posting so bare with me. I had an injector go Just before Christmas. I’ve had all 4 replaced and my question is do the injectors need to be learnt on a star machine or do they just need to be coded? Basically ever since the new injectors have been installed the...
  4. S

    T1N: 1994-2006 Used engine parts

    04 5cyl. Had 260000 miles when rear main bearing failed. All engine parts for sale. No damage seen inside engine besides block and crank. I have no use for engine or fuel system parts as i am swapping in a m113 gas v8. Shipping possible if you want to pay/arrange. Located in Rocklin, CA.
  5. G

    Worried new owner black death...

    Our 311 Cdi started black smoking last month, we dont do many miles in it, yesterday I plucked up courage to remove the top of the inlet manifold to have a look and the back injector looks like this when I run engine i can see it puffing out. is this something a mildly competent bloke like me...
  6. Z

    Diagnosing Early Black Death

    I'm looking for some help in diagnosing the early stages of black death. If the injector seal begins leaking, where does the leak occur? Also, what does the black sludge consist of? Just a mixture of fuel and soot? I think the injector wells on my sprinter are pretty clean, but the #3 and #4...
  7. X

    Injector replacement questions

    I’m installing 5 rebuilt injectors and need to know if i should use anti seize on the injectors and if so what type, and are new hold down bolts necessary, I’ve seen them referred to as “one use stretch bolts”, I’m curious if not replacing the bolts contributes to leaking injectors and black...
  8. M

    The revenge of black death

    Hi All This is my first post, so thank-you in advance to anyone who takes the time to offer me some advice. 2 years ago I spent £1800 having a single injector seal replaced in my '04 213CDi. I had a new set of 4 injectors installed as 2 were mangled on removal. Yesterday I had some work...
  9. CJPJ

    Fuel injectors_Injection Pump_Garrett Turbo_Sensors ...,_DIESEL_FUEL_INJECTORS Just ran across this company; Any personal observation or contact? :2cents:
  10. S

    Injector hell (or what a great mechanic!!!)

    So where to start. 2006 140"tall 300K (repo sale, but all oem parts and filter inside) some black death nuggets on #3 (ping pong ball sized) and then a #5 glow plug engine check light. So I call the guy in Santa Rosa Mobile Ben, (about 2hours). And I come by the shop... His hell begins...
  11. S

    '03 T1N with rough idle

    My '03 Sprinter has developed an uneven idle. It slightly shakes the van back and forth when stopped at a light, and you can feel it jerk slightly when idling around. It seems to disappear with revving and on a hot day it will eventually go away all together. On a cool day, I hear it every time...

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