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    Uneven Idle 2005. No CEL.

    Hello All! My wonderful van has recently developed an uneven idle only when warmed up to operating temp. Great power, mpg, starting, etc.... just the pesky idle when warm. Upon start when cold....idle is perfect. Van has 120,000 miles. Anyone experience these symptoms? So far, I've cleaned MAF...
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    Alternator Clutch Explained

    Welcome...I've read quite a few posts lately about alternator clutches. I haven't read a post that gives a clear understanding of what the clutch is for, why a bad one causes belt damage/failure, how it can affect engine idle/tick-over and how to test/diagnose one. Just for clarity our friends...
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    Could Weak battery cause stalling?

    Last week I was driving my van for about 1 hour with the high beam headlights on, when I got stuck in stop and go traffic. After about 10 minutes of stop and go, the engine died. No lights, no warnings, nothing. I tried shifting to neutral and turn the key, but no crank. I turned off the...
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    '03 T1N with rough idle

    My '03 Sprinter has developed an uneven idle. It slightly shakes the van back and forth when stopped at a light, and you can feel it jerk slightly when idling around. It seems to disappear with revving and on a hot day it will eventually go away all together. On a cool day, I hear it every time...
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    Idle Stick for All Sprinters

    Hi, You've likely got a few of these clamps, I got mine from Harbor Freight just laying around. Simply reverse the end jaw and your done. It is adjustable in very small RPM increments.
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    No heat at Idle

    I have a 2004 that doesn't put out heat when it is allowed to idle very long, I replaced the thermostat, and coolant with the proper fluid type. Any suggestions?
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    EGR Help

    First of all I would like to say hello.Im new to this GREAT site...........Does any one know if a bad EGR valve will cause a LHM? Its a 2006 dodge sprinter 2500 l5.the code im getting is a P2355 and also the valve it self make a real loud sound and i can not clear the DTC.It will crank a run...

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