1. PNW_Sprinter

    PNW Overland Build

    Hey everyone - Excited to have joined the Sprinter family last weekend when I picked up a 2019 144" 4x4 Passenger which was actually for sale on the forum. Planning to convert into a camper van for an extended trip this winter and more weekend use in the future. Anyone with previous experience...
  2. J

    A/c not working, anyone have suggestions?

    Background: 2013 Mercedes sprinter 2500 cargo van, approx 110,000 miles. About a week ago my ac just never turned on with the car and my van wouldn’t start until I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. I also initially had a red battery indicator light which then went away. I have a...
  3. S

    HVAC Troubleshooting Help

    The air conditioning system and heat both work but you have to be driving for it to push that hot or cold air out of the vents. I have replaced the blower motor and the resistor both behind the glove box. Before I go tearing into the center dashboard, is there anything else I should be...
  4. ptheland

    A/C duct issues?

    Are there any common places where the A/C and ventilation ducting commonly comes apart? I was driving down a bit of rough road (I-405 South, just past the Sepulveda Pass for those that are familiar with LA Area freeways) when I noticed that the air had stopped coming out of the dash vents. I...
  5. N

    08 Sprinter HVAC Control Unit need programming?

    I have a 08 Sprinter that I have suspected the HVAC control unit to be faulty. Does anyone know if it needs to be programmed at the dealer or is it a plug and play? Thanks.
  6. C

    Rooftop AC unit leaking

    I bought this van used about a year ago. I had to charge the rear ac when I first got it, and then had to charge it again about 8 months later. The mechanic said there was a leak we would have to track down. I got a leak finder with dye and tried to find something in the van but came up...
  7. P

    Factory Rear Heating Package

    I just purchased a 2011 144 Low Roof Passenger Sprinter, however it did not have the rear heat option installed. I was told by dealer that the rear heat is not a necessity as the front heat will heat the entire van, but I have my doubts. I have read many posts on installing aftermarket but I was...

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