1. TC Katie

    Were having a Black Friday Week!

    Join us over at www.expeditionupfitter.com for our Black Friday week sale!! FYI this doesn't happen often (or ever again), the sale price is calculated at checkout!
  2. M

    Planar 2D heater at 10,000 ft

    I opted to install a Planar 2D diesel heater, high altitude version, a few months ago and just returned from an extended trip including 3 weeks roaming around Colorado. I'm extremely happy with the performance so far. One night was above Leadville (10,000+ ft) and the heater fired right up (as...
  3. N

    I Installed a chinese parking heater under my T1N Passenger Seat

    Hi everyone, I've done a bit of research about installing a parking heater under the pass seat like everyone's doing with our NCV3 sister ships, but I haven't seen any dedicated write-ups about doing it. Some people argue that it's not possible because of the frame bar that passes under that...
  4. A

    D2 Heater and Mounting Plate

    Used Espar D2 heater( heater only) and mounting plate. Does Not include installation parts. Asking $400obo. May also consider trades. Located in SW Colorado, but I'm driving to Vegas Jan 24th and can deliver along the route.
  5. B

    Rear A/C removal.

    Hello, This is my first post after countless hours on the site so I will start by saying thank you to everyone who has ever contributed. I am a proud new owner of a 2006 Sprinter 140'' with 90K miles. The van was previously used as a mobile dog wash and someone spent a good deal of money and...
  6. B

    Espar D5 vs Truma Combi

    Hi all - I'm looking to get a dual heater/water heater installed for my 144" Sprinter. I'm considering either the Espar D5 or the Truma Combi, and I'm looking for the pros and cons of both or opinions if you have either of these. My build is already done, and I'm kicking myself for not figuring...
  7. D

    Airtronic Diesel Heater service

    A residential oil furnace needs yearly service. Does a diesel heater in a Sprinter (Airtronic) need to be serviced periodicly, and if so, what needs to be done. Thanks.:idunno:
  8. A

    Appropriate heat for Montana winter?

    Researching heating options for when the vehicle is off during cold weather camping. Considering a diesel heat source, although I was wondering if anyone could give a shout about a decent propane setup. My main concern with these is of course ventilation (currently no roof fan or anything)...
  9. DRichter4764

    Ceramic Heaters

    When plugged in, I generally like to use a small electric heater in lieu of the propane heater. Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions for a small ceramic heater that works well in the Unity?
  10. C

    Espar D2 diesel heater installation in a 2013 NCV3

    Installing an Espar D2 heater in our Sprinter camper van was something we almost skipped. With 20/20 hindsight and many sub-freezing nights logged on this road trip, it is officially one of our favorite things in the van. (For more background on our full build-out, check out the adventure mobile...
  11. C

    Removing rear heater and AC from Passenger Van

    We have a 2008 Passenger Van we are converting into an RV. These units have a separate heating and cooling system for the front and the rear of the vehicle. We want to remove the factory REAR heater and AC units (they can only be used when engine is running) in order to reduce weight and hope...
  12. D

    Webasto or Espar Air heater under passenger seat in 2011 Passenger Van?

    Has anyone installed one of these heaters under the passenger seat in a passenger van model? I have seen the threads for non-passenger models (which I believe do not have the built in toe kick for second row passengers) and it seems to work well. Basically it seems like the unit would have to...

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