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    Need headliner without ac cutout

    Wanted: headliner section (without cutout for AC!) for 2016 MB (passenger) Grey with speckles I am located in Placerville CA I believe Crew might be same as passenger? CT
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 SLC: Wanted Headliner Panels 144HR

    Got good condition 144 HR Headliner? I'll buy it, or trade CampoVans Luan Plywood precut. I've decided to go with the factory liner. Need the liner WITHOUT the AC cutout (I think that excludes passenger). Salt Lake City greater area
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 Headliner and interior panels from 2018 passenger van, San Diego, CA

    Set of headliner panels, rear interior lower panels and front lower panel from a 2018 Mercedes Passenger Sprinter van 144 wheelbase high roof. Panels and headliners were removed when new. Interior lights from the panels and foam support brackets will be included. All pieces are basically as new...
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 2016 144 High Roof Headliner For Sale - SoCal

    This headliner is in like new condition. Most of the fasteners are still intact. This does not include the most forward section, the part over the driver and passenger seat. We are keeping that part. Local pickup only. Near Loma Linda California $300 OBO...
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    NCV3: 2006-2018 Wanted 144 Headliner Panel & Front Passenger Base and Seat

    Does anyone in CA have a 144 Headliner panel i could buy? Thanks! Also looking for front passenger base box with seat. Removed my two seat box/bench. Sprinter 2017 144. Santa Barbara, CA.
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    Misc Sprinter Stock Items for sale

    Located in West Seattle (Washington) Currently available: - various OEM headliners $130 for whole set- $20 for single piece - various OEM Floors - $80 - 1 OEM bench seat - 1 pair of OEM front seats (no seat boxes, not heated) $350 each - 1 captains seat with seat box, has a small hole in seat...

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