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    Replaced Head Gasket - No Start

    I just replaced my head gasket (all new injectors) and can't get the truck started. It's a 2002 Freightliner (OM612, I believe). It's not building any fuel rail pressure. The scanner showed no PSI on the rail. Doing the injector leak test doesn't produce any fuel in the hoses on top of the...
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    Head gasket?

    So I've been dealing with an massive oil consumption issue on my 2011 GL350 bluetec. Engine is consuming 1 quart per 500 miles. Engine has 127,000 miles and has had it's maintenance always performed on schedule. Oil used meets the 229.51 spec, all the other parts were either OE or OEM. I do...
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    Punked! (What would you do?)

    Hi Folks, I just bought a converted 2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500 from a guy in Jersey. A couple hundred miles into owning it, I started overheating. Pulled over immediately and saw that one of the coolant hoses had blown. I reattached it, refilled the coolant, and continued. I continued to lose...
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    Sprinter Service in KY 2003 Head Gasket?

    Looking for someone to get my new to me sprinter road worthy. I have oil in the coolant reservoir. No foamy white residue on dip stick. So, head gasket?
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    2006 Sprinter head Gasket need to be chaged

    This van for Sale has this issue, Should I fix the Gasket and buy it? What is the cost to fix this Head Gasket in harrisburg PA?, DO you recommend a garage to fix this after fixing this issue will I have on going issues because of this? Thank you for the help on this question :) :cheers:
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    St Louis area T1N Sprinter Mechanic needed head gasket replacement

    My 2003 3500 Sprinter needs a head gasket. I usually do all maintenance myself but this is a big one. I have talked to Dr A and he is willing to do the job but I am having difficulty with the logistics of getting my van to Pittsburgh and back. Anyone have a recommendation for a good Sprinter...
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    2004 215k antifreeze in oil.

    Hello. The short story, radiator cap off, topped off with antifreeze, crankcase drained of oil. I am getting 15 drops of antifreeze an hour through the oil pan drain . So headgasket,block,cyl head or egr. Looking for any advice to try to narrow down the sorce. also wondering about building a...

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