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  1. bcman

    Glow Plugs - Replace all, or just the bad ones?

    Hi All, I've had the glow plug idiot light on for a while, and just purchased a C3 clone, which told me that glow plugs for cylinders 1 and 2 are bad, along with the control module. Should I replace just the bad ones, or replace all of them? It's a 2003 with just over 200,000 miles. The price...
  2. skyeg3

    Glow plug codes. Low power

    I have a 2005 sprinter. 220k miles. I have the scan guage which I use to read codes and clear them. I've been getting P0671 for about a year now but I've just been ignoring and clearing it as we don't live in a cold area. For a few weeks now I have been getting the following 4 codes: P0380 -...
  3. B

    Best brand of glow plug?

    What is the preferred brand of glow plug for my 2004 t1n 2.7? Are the Wellman dual coil ok? Do people prefer Bosch and why? Thanks!
  4. J

    Glow plug / controller adventures

    Long-time listener first time caller. Summary of issue: 2004 long and tall sprinter RV (sportsmobile) 90,000 miles, second owner. Everything runs and functions correctly. Even colder weather cranks and runs OK. I live in Minnesota. But I generally don’t run the rig in the winter...
  5. B

    Trouble installing 2 glow plugs, help

    Hi everyone! After a lot of work, I was able to get all 5 of my glow plugs out. The front and rear ones required some pliers to yank free after they spun freely (most likely some kind of build up). But now when I try to install the new plugs in the front and rear they won't tighten. Maybe...
  6. N

    Indicators of faulty glow plugs?

    I had trouble starting my 2008 Dodge Sprinter 3500 this morning at -31C. This van is new to me so I don't know if this is normal or if something is wrong. Strap-on engine heater was plugged in and warm. Battery is new but I also boosted it from my truck for faster cranking. It cranked over...
  7. R

    Help replaced glow plugs and won't start

    My 2003 sprinter 350k miles was running strong until the cold came (tampa - Florida), one day it just don't want to start, it was showing glow plug camshaft and crankshaft sensor, I did go ahead and replaced all 5 glowplugs (bosh) installed a new glow plug relay cam and crank sensors, fuel...
  8. V

    Glow Plug Voltage

    Hello everyone, So after my no start panic which is more and more looking like a glow plug issue, I've decided I need to get these suckers replaced. Question for you: are they 5V or 111.5V? I wouldn't have thought twice about the 11.5V version but lists them both as fitting the...
  9. Isla

    Reinstalling glow plugs

    Having a hard time getting these glow plugs back in my 2003, is this something that's normal to deal with? I measured the new plug with a caliper and it's about .2mm larger but that seems so little i don't know that it could cause that problem. My best guess is to pressurize the cylinder and try...
  10. R

    U0106 Code - CEL on and Intermittent Glow Plug Light

    About 9 months ago I got a P0675 code. The glow plug light would go out and then after starting the truck the light would reappear. I tested the glow plugs and found that the one on cylinder 5 was open so I replaced it and all was fine. Now the CEL is on again with a U0106 code. Now at...
  11. T

    Ongoing Glow Plug Failures? Controller Info:

    I've had ongoing Glow Plug Failures for 2+ years. (2007 Sprinter 2500 with 3.0L Engine) Long story, short, this is what I learned: -There are TWO Glow Plug CONTROLLER STYLES for the 2007 Sprinter 2500 3.0 L Engine. -One is for CERAMIC GLOW PLUGS, with a HIGHER VOLTAGE. -The other is for STEEL...
  12. Burdi Motorworks

    Burdi Motorworks, Schiller Park, IL (Service), -87.862059 Get Directions Burdi Motorworks 9415 Seymour Avenue Schiller Park, Il 60176 (847) 678-4801 Note: Family owned. They specialize in Sprinter repair and they're located just outside Chicago near O’Hare Airport.
  13. D

    Can't RESTART for at least 10 minutes

    Sprinter Does Not Start When I try to start my 2004 Dodge 3500 Sprinter with 189,000 miles, the glow plug light stays on and the radiator fan comes on and the vehicle won't start. It will start every morning or if it seems to be cold. If I drive for 30 minutes or longer and then turn off...
  14. T

    Continuing Glow Plug Failures

    I've got a 2007 Sprinter with repeated Glow Plug failures. History: May 2012: #1 Glow Plug replaced. May 2012: #6 Glow Plugs replaced. June 2012: Replaced Glow Plug Control Unit. July 2012: #2, #3, #4, #5 Glow Plugs replaced (as a precaution to prevent future failures of old glow plugs). Jan...
  15. rjl1100

    Various 611 4 cylinder engine faults

    I have a Australian version 2002 313 CDI Van which has a 611 4 cyl 2.2 litre engine. My Glow plug dash light stayed on permanently so now knowing the history of the plugs I changed all 4, (one plug had open circuit and another had a high resistance) now the dash light goes off after a few...
  16. S

    anyone have source for Beru glow plugs for 2004

    put some autolites in and worked flawlessly thru dec and january, seemed the colder the better. now i am back to almost starting most of the time. Do the Autolight wear out quickly. Starts like a champ when it was sub zero. Now with a little thaw its getting to be finicky. Seems to get finicky...
  17. 0

    New user, just bought an 04 sprinter 2500, replaced several parts - bus won't start

    Hello. This is my first post and it will be a long one. I refer to my Dodge Sprinter as the 'bus' by the way. I have also spent days reading and researching the problem on the forum. In short: Symptoms in order of occurrence: Limp mode Engine light on EPS light on ABS light on Stalling...
  18. D

    Bad Glow Plug Spins??????

    :censored: I tried to remove #1 GP and it seemed to break free and then just spins and doesn't come out. What happens when the GP breaks? Does it shear off? Did I strip the threads? Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. T

    Battery Draining

    I have a 2006 Sprinter 2500. Just installed remanufactured alternator. Drove 1200 miles to CA from Denver, CO. No issues during trip, but now when van parked overnight, the battery is drained. Warning beep (as if key left in ignition) is signaling when I open door. Some threads I've read...

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