1. XYZdayz

    How do you fill a gap around a roof vent pipe before putting on the vent cap

    Any suggestions on how to fill the gap in a 2" pipe and 2 1/2" hole in roof vent before putting on the cap. These are for the vents for the black and grey water tanks. Photos attached. I was thinking of backer rod and sealant or maybe spray foam before putting on the a siphon 360 cap? Thanks
  2. XYZdayz

    Gap in frame underneath skylight and fan

    Hi Any suggestions on what to do about a gap between a steel frame underneath the fan and skylight opening and the metal roof? Because of past leaks, I am completely redoing the roof and ceiling. (ugh) When I eventually screw down the skylight or fan frame seems the metal roof would flex down...

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