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    04 Sprinter breaks down after emptying tank and changing fuel filter

    Hello, I made a terrible mistake and put 5 gallons of gas in my 2004 Sprinter 2500, which already had about 6 gallons of diesel in it. I didnt realize it initially and drove about 100 miles when it broke down after all that was left was gas (no diesel left). I filled it up with diesel and it...
  2. J

    2014 Sprinter 313 Fuel Pump Wire UK

    Hi All, Anybody know which wire is for the fuel pump under the glove box or which fuse ill need to tap into? Want to install a kill switch Thanks
  3. A

    Injector Diagnosis and Systematic Repair Procedures

    Hi, Firstly, this site has been super helpful in understanding how to DIY and work on a TN1 Sprinter Van. Thanks for being a super helpful community and I intend to return the favor as my knowledge on Sprinters grow. I posted a few days ago about being stuck in a parking lot (P0087 limp mode)...
  4. C

    T1N: 1994-2006 T1N Fuel Pump module

    Excellent condition. Has one inlet and one outlet. Works great, seal is tight.
  5. Andy at Focallocal

    Can a failed pump work absolutely fine one day, and not at all the next?

    The vans not starting. Engine turns over great, seems to be no fuel reaching the fuel filter. It'll start if I spray Axe in the air intake, but it's only running off of that so only just and instantly dies after. I've not really investigated in depth. My fear is the pump has failed, but could...
  6. J

    '06 Wont start after many fixes

    I have an '06 3500 with 200k on it. It originally had a crack in a hose throwing a code. We replaced the hose and harmonic balencer that had delaminated and it would not start. Put a new Crank shaft position sensor and 2 fuel injectors after cleaning a lot of black death. Still wouldn't start...
  7. R

    Help me understand these relay diagrams, please!

    2015 Sprinter 2500, 4 Cylinder, Cargo Van Hi all, I'm new and I've really learned a lot from all the great content on here, but I'm having trouble sorting out this MB diagram on fuses/relays There are two things that I would like to do, ultimately: 1.) I'd like to locate my fuel pump relay...
  8. N

    Part number for fuel pump feed hose?

    I have a 2004 dodge sprinter 2500. Leak at the fuel tank. Lowered tank and found the seal to be leaking. Going to replace seal but also want to replace the hoses. I can't for the life of me find the 90 degree rubber hose that connects the in-tank fuel pump to the hard plastic feed line. It's...
  9. B

    Sprinter 2005, 313 fuel issue?

    Hi guys, my van broke down on the motor way the other day, not long after changing the injectors. When you spray easy start into the air intake it keeps running- as soon as you stop spraying the engine turns off. So obviously it's a fuel issue. How can you tell if it's the High Pressure pump or...
  10. B

    Valve Over flow

    Woke up this morning to warm the diesel. I came out 10 minutes later to a puddle of diesel fuel on the driveway. I took it into a mechanic and he said it was the over flow valve. $470.00 to replace. Any one have any experience with that? Also, I have noticed that there is a ring of diesel...
  11. C

    Checking up on my Mechanic's Story

    Okay so my 2006 2500 with only 60K miles on it has had this very intermittent problem of not starting after running perfect for many months - has happened only 4 times over a year's time. i.e. it'll just not start after just running fine - never has run problems once running - been super...
  12. P

    Nightmare with a sprinter

    First or all I would like to say I have been a member for awhile now and I have learn so so MUCH...Now I have a major problem that I cant handle my self..I have search over and over and now Im just LOST..I have a 2006 Dodge sprinter 2500 in Eastern NC.USA..any way.I was driving about two weeks...
  13. M

    injection pump timing on sprinter 310 TD 2.9

    hi, i have a sprinter 310 TD 2.9 lt engine om602la. i changed the injection pump drive sprocket, but the engine is not firing. how do i set the timing on the injection pump? please help! Edit/Delete Message

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