fuel pressure

  1. Andy at Focallocal

    I had a engine coolant warning, ignored it for 2 days as busy and not driving much. Now i have a fuel pressure warning, EDC and limp home

    Also the Engine Coolant warning is gone Change the coolant for sure, i was just wondering if it sounds like ignoring it has messed the engine up and the issue has progressed to something more serious. My EDB2 scanner sees no error codes at all and sending a reset code seems to turn the EDB...
  2. S

    Uneven Idle 2005. No CEL.

    Hello All! My wonderful van has recently developed an uneven idle only when warmed up to operating temp. Great power, mpg, starting, etc.... just the pesky idle when warm. Upon start when cold....idle is perfect. Van has 120,000 miles. Anyone experience these symptoms? So far, I've cleaned MAF...

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