fuel injector leak

  1. G

    Last minute fuel injector help! Catonsville, MD

    Any chance there’s anyone out there around Catonsville, MD able to help me replace a fuel injector? On my way down from VT to FL to help a friend move back up North and I noticed a tapping noise that picked up when I gave it gas and remained even at idle. Popped the hood at a rest stop and sure...
  2. errkkrrkk

    Accidental overnight variation of fuel injector leakoff test(?). Not sure what is happening.

    The other day, got all set up to do a leakoff test, then putting my key in the ignition, my key nearly twisted off! Since I had everything all set up for the leakoff test, I just sealed the tubes and return line together to prevent particles from entering the fuel system. Here is the...
  3. A

    Injector Diagnosis and Systematic Repair Procedures

    Hi, Firstly, this site has been super helpful in understanding how to DIY and work on a TN1 Sprinter Van. Thanks for being a super helpful community and I intend to return the favor as my knowledge on Sprinters grow. I posted a few days ago about being stuck in a parking lot (P0087 limp mode)...
  4. B

    Van runs, cuts out. Merc want another £2000

    Hey guys, okay, I'm in Germany (traveling) with my 2005 sprinter. We had black smoke coming out of the exhaust, so I took it to Mercedes who charged me over 2000 euro for an injector check and refit (all four) aswell as brakes. They changed the fuel line aswell. The injectors were...
  5. G

    What should the Fuel Rail Pressure be?

    2005 Dodge Sprinter 5 Cylinder Mercedes Diesel... What is the correct fuel rail pressure when climbing a hill about 2500 RPM with the accelerator pedal all the way down on the floor? I'm getting about 19,000 PSI when the P0087 occurs (Low Fuel Rail Pressure)
  6. M

    Remove Black Death injector without tool rental!!!

    Look. I have a 2006 sprinter with 440,000 miles. I fixed my leaking injector at 435,000 and its been leaking since 370,000. Clean out the large deposits of crud, soak the injector with wd-40 and leave it for a day. Come back the next day and put some acetone on it. After that unscrew the fuel...

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