1. V

    Lower Radiator Hose Heater/Block Heater

    Sub zero temps lately with my 2008 Dodge Sprinter (V6, 3L engine)....kinda the story across the nation it seems! Anyway, I stuck a silicone oil pan heater on recently and it seems to help. Wondering if an in line radiator hose heater would be a good addition? I’m thinking for the cheap fix, it...
  2. W

    batteries mounted outside in cold?

    Hi, I apologize that I didn't find a previous thread. I'm sure this has been discussed. How do I gauge what damage I could do to my batteries in the cold? I have two 145 AGM batteries. I'm looking at buying an external mount, so the batteries would be exposed to the cold. I live in Colorado...
  3. ptheland

    A/C duct issues?

    Are there any common places where the A/C and ventilation ducting commonly comes apart? I was driving down a bit of rough road (I-405 South, just past the Sepulveda Pass for those that are familiar with LA Area freeways) when I noticed that the air had stopped coming out of the dash vents. I...
  4. S

    Cold Starting

    I think I've finally figured out how to reliably start up my 2003 Sprinter in below freezing temperatures. Maybe this is common sense for you guys, but starting up at 15 degrees F was such a pain for me that I just stopped going anywhere, or going on foot. I'd crank until the battery died, have...
  5. T

    Freezing in my sprinter, but not for long

    I own a heating company that specializes in boiler heat in Wisconsin. I have a 158wb high top sprinter 2003 and have engineered an auxiliary heating system to heat the back and supplement the front heater. It involves: 1. a RV auxiliary heater from jc whitney that runs on engine coolant and has...

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