1. A

    VS30: 2019+ 2020 Sprinter Cargo stock wood floor(D rings not included) in Corvallis, Oregon

    Just pulled the wood floor out of a brand new 2020 sprinter. Make me an offer. I also have new gray plastic cargo wall panels from that 2020 and a black leather crew bench seat from a 2017 sprinter crew.
  2. J

    VS30: 2019+ 170EXT OEM wood floor - FREE

    Does not include hardware - just the two pieces of wood and the aluminum channel that connects them. Pickup only, of course.
  3. F

    VS30: 2019+ Travois Sierra Seat/Bed

    Travois Sierra Seat DOT Certificated, with Isofix anchor points (Must be installed with our Floor) with 30 SECONDS PULL-TEST It can come with different sizes from 1 to 3 people Seating. The seat fold into a bed which allows you to use as a normal seat when driving and a bed at night. On our...
  4. F

    VS30: 2019+ Travois Sprinter Pro Floor

    Travois Sprinter Pro Floor built with though materials, can take a lot before it breaks. DOT Certificated (together with our Seat/Bed) with 30 SECONDS PULL-TEST Can come with up to 8 Rails for modularity. Prices start at $3,836.97 with every lenght size available. Possible to DIY but to...
  5. synshine

    Sub-floor mats in Standard 2003 140"

    I was tearing out the standard flooring and found these mats underneath. I was wondering what they are/what they are for. Sound deadening? Compression? Did ~10 minutes of perusing around the web and hadn't found an answer. Thanks for any info in advance!
  6. D

    Painted Factory Floor

    Hi Everyone! Was curious to know if anyone out there as painted the factory floor. Curious to know if you have how it came out and what you used. Thank you for any help! Travis
  7. I

    VS30: 2019+ Factory Floor (2020 170” Cargo) - Las Vegas

    We took delivery of our van in late November and removed the floor with less than 2000 miles. For those 2000 miles it was covered with a carpet remnant and it is in excellent, nearly new condition. Two of the three trim strips (front and rear - a new middle trim strip can be purchased from MB...
  8. AlexPVan

    VS30: 2019+ AdWagon 3M Thinsulate floor insulation

    I have unused 3M floor insulation from Adventure Wagon. It's designed to go into a 2019+ 144" van. Was about $100 from AdWagon -- yours for $50. The box is large but lightweight but costs too much to ship so it's best to have a local pick up. Located in Truckee, CA. Can bring to...
  9. A

    VS30: 2019+ Stock wood floor and D rings for VS30 144WB - Albany, NY

    A short reminder list for Sprinter parts listings Location - Albany, NY Contact Info - PM Price - $550? Selling the stock floor that came in my VS30 144WB. I have replaced it with a custom floor for my conversion so it is no longer needed. This is the only photo I have right now, can get...
  10. M

    VS30: 2019+ San Diego- various materials left over from floor build (all vans)

    If you live local and are interested in anything listed then PM me please. I live in north PB and dont have room to store all this. Stock 2019 144’ crew floor (fairly good condition). Stock black steel wheels with a few thousand miles left on the tires Mini Cell and Thinsulate: A 3’x3’ chunk...
  11. F

    Floor with rails

    Hello Guys Presenting the Floor system for the weekender sprinter. With this floor system for your van you can turn your working van into caravan whenever you want. Installing this is super easy, barely an inconvenience, from 2 to 8 rails you have plenty to chose from! You can use the rails...
  12. V

    VS30: 2019+ FREE- stock floor from 2019 144 cargo

    Just giving away my floor from my 144 cargo. It's in good condition, no cracks or breaks. I have all the D rings and hardware for it too. PM me to pick up, I'm in the North Bay area (SF, CA)
  13. A

    VS30: 2019+ Free 2019 144 WB Crew Van Flooring

    come take my stock floor off my hands. free - first come first served.
  14. L

    Sprinter 170 Inside and Roof Dimensions

    Hi everyone, I am trying to continue planning my upcoming Sprinter 170 conversion while working overseas temporarily and I was wondering if anyone has a good set of dimensions that they have taken on their Sprinter 170s? I would go back to the dealer but am unable to at the moment being...
  15. PNW_Sprinter

    PNW Overland Build

    Hey everyone - Excited to have joined the Sprinter family last weekend when I picked up a 2019 144" 4x4 Passenger which was actually for sale on the forum. Planning to convert into a camper van for an extended trip this winter and more weekend use in the future. Anyone with previous experience...
  16. M

    Wiring in floor of Sprinter

    Hi all, First post here! I bought a converted 2015 Sprinter and the aux batteries were already installed under the hood in a specially made box. I cleaned up all the wiring and got better batteries and now am trying to figure out a better wiring system. Currently, the 2G cables run from...
  17. P

    Front Floor Removal to Access Wiring Channels

    I have a 2004 T1N Sprinter and I want to add wiring for RV purposes - 12v DC. If I understand some things I read here, there are wiring channels between the front seats which I want to access. Has anyone accessed these wiring channels? Do I need to remove the factory rubber/plastic floor? If...
  18. T

    2019 Factory Floor Fit in 2012?

    I know they changed the overall design for the 2019 model year, but any chance the factory wooden floor from a 2019 would fit in a 2012? Both are 2500's and 170WB cargo models.
  19. I

    NCV3: 2006-2018 L-track Embedded 144 Floors -California

    FLOOR ONLY (accessories purchased separately) The Travois Pro Floor is a form-fitting, one-piece, insulated floor embedded with L-track. The L-track allows you to add modular accessories, such as Travois RNR seat/beds and single seats that are variable location on demand and easy in/out...
  20. I

    Travois Rock and Roll Seat Bed and L-track floor system now available in the US

    Our best seat bed system has it all: 6'8" bed, full suite of safety features, variable location on demand, insulated form-fitted L-track floor, accepts modular accessories and crash tested to all known North American and European standards. Available in the US now. www.travoisusa.com...

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