1. Eagle5

    VS30: 2019+ Rear Door Windows - Enterprise, AL ($120)

    Factory Driver and Passenger glass rear windows from a 2021 high roof Sprinter. No chips or scratches. Windows have a low quality application 5% ceramic tint on them. It doesn’t look real pretty, but works well and could be easily removed. Windows have factory defrost on them. Location -...
  2. Built.Vans

    Flarespace Original Trimrings (Extended depth drivers side)

    Hello. I have a bunch of items that were bought for my build but ended up not being used for various reasons. First up is a set of Flarespace Original trim rings with an extended depth ring for the drivers side. They have some holes drilled in them but are still perfectly fine for anyone...
  3. K

    Body Flares

    New 144" MB Sprinter Body Flares with half window sliders on both sides. Included are Original Trim Rings. Drivers side is extended depth, passenger is regular depth. Free Shipping in the US. The flares will be shipped directly from the vendor.
  4. K

    Two Flarespace with half window sliders

    New 144" MB Sprinter Body Flares with half window sliders on both sides. Included are Original Trim Rings. Drivers side is extended depth, passenger is regular depth. Free Shipping in the US. The flares will be ship direct from the vendor.
  5. Eagle5

    VS30: 2019+ SOLD - Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed - Black Hex Top / Black Anodized. Tacoma, WA

    Location - Tacoma, WA Contact Info - PM. I will meet you locally in Tacoma. Cash or Venmo accepted. Price - $2,800 - Firm. Brand new Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed with the black hex top and black anodized aluminum. Sells for $3,350 new, plus estimated $200 shipping (and maybe sales tax) and...
  6. A

    Wanted Flarespace Trim Rings: looking to exchange space savers for traditional size.

    looking to buy the traditional (non space saver) trim rings from someone OR exchange my space savers for your traditionals. SF Bay Area.
  7. E

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Brand New Custom mattress for 144 Sprinter with Flares for pick up in LA

    I have a brand new, in the box, Flarespace mattress for Sprinter with flares installed. It’s a memory foam, very cozy mattress that is taking several weeks from the manufacturer. If you’re in the LA area to pick up, I have your new mattress for your conversion! I’m asking $500 for it (paid $550...
  8. R

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Flarespace 144" Flares no windows - Ontario Canada

    Have a set of Flarespace flares for a 144" available. No window cutouts. Driverside flare is the extended version. Plans changed and we are no longer going to use flares. Includes the adhesive and instructions! Bringing these into Canada during COVID had its complications. Save the hassle...
  9. M

    Issues with getting orders from Flarespace?

    Hi, I'm curious if anyone else is having issues with Flarespace. I had ordered flares with CRL Awning windows in October. They charged me for the order and two days later informed me that the windows were backordered until the end of November. They then shipped the flares separately without...
  10. Built.Vans

    Sold Flarespace Original Trim Rings for Sprinter 144"

    I have a set of fiberglass Flarespace Original trim rings for the Sprinter 144". The set if for an extended drivers side flare and standard depth passenger side flare. I planned on using them in my van but needed to make my own as I wanted space under the bed for bikes. They were used to make my...
  11. K

    VS30: 2019+ Flarespace Spacesaver Hinged Mattress - SOLD

    Hey Team, We bought the Flarespace bed system, and its awesome. However, they sent us the wrong mattress -- which we unpacked and used but once! They sent us the space saver mattress and we needed the OG flarespace mattress. Anyways, love to sell the flarespace spacesaver hinged mattress to...
  12. 4

    Warped Flarespace flares

    Hi All, I was getting ready to install my flares and noticed that they're warped in the middle (about 1cm). Has anyone else encountered this? I received them a few months ago and have stored them flat out of the box with the exception of the week they were at the paint shop.
  13. cometman

    My install experience with Flarespace flares

    So I decided to take my 2019 to have flares installed due to the fact that your warranty is VOID if you do it yourself. The install and painting of the flares cost roughly $1600, on top of the flares + windows + trim kit. So about $4000 total. I dropped off my van, with thinsulate already...

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